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How to Build a Landing Page That Will Increase Conversion Rates

An effective landing page can be one of a business’s most valuable tools for converting shoppers into buyers. When you have a well-built landing page, you’ll see sales increase with less effort from your sales team. What goes into creating an effective landing page?

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Elements of a Good Landing Page

A good landing page will always incorporate the same basic features, no matter what it’s selling or for whom. Optimize conversion with a unique selling proposition, a hero shot, benefits, social proof and a call-to-action. These are the key elements of every effective landing page.Grab the viewer’s attention, communicate well, build trust and address concerns. If you’re building a landing page to collect email addresses for marketing purposes, it doesn’t hurt to offer your potential customer a free gift in exchange for that information.

Unique Selling Proposition

What makes your product or service different from those of your competitors? Your selling proposition defines your product clearly and simply for your customers.Your unique selling proposition is what makes your product stand out from the crowd.

When your customers arrive on your landing page, it’s crucial that they be able to tell right away what you’re selling and why they need it. You can use the unique selling proposition to grab your reader’s attention with a quick, snappy headline. If necessary, include a short subheading below this headline that explains your product or service in more detail.

Hero Shot

The hero shot is a photographic depiction of your product, service or promotion. If possible, it should show your product being used by a customer. The hero shot helps clarify what you’re offering to customers.


The benefits section of your landing page consists of a detailed description of your product and its features. First, explain clearly and succinctly what your product can do for the customer. Then, you can use a bullet point list to go into more detail about the features of your product or service.

Social Proof

Providing social proof means showing your potential customer that other people have purchased your product or service and liked it or benefited from it. It can also include references to press coverage of your product or service, or proof of social media performance,such as “X number of people have like this on Facebook” or “X number of people have tweeted about this product.”


A call-to-action asks your reader to perform whatever action meets the goal of your landing page, like making a purchase or divulging an email address. It often takes the form of a button asking readers to click, or it can be part of your lead generation form. A good call-to-action lets readers know exactly what will happen when they perform the action. “Click to get your free ebook” is a better call-to-action than “click here.”

Things to Keep in Mind

Always remember to use clear, direct and simple language on your landing page. Imagine you’re explaining your product to a 10-year-old. Your reader shouldn’t have to wonder what you’re offering — it should be obvious from the moment he or she first lays eyes on your landing page.

Your landing page should also ease any anxiety your customer may have about making a purchase. Anticipate your potential customers’ objections and address them straightforwardly — or give your customers the opportunity to present their objections themselves in the form of feedback, and create a dialogue. Money-back guarantees are a great way to address customer anxiety about making a purchase — with a guarantee, there’s minimal risk to the buyer.

You’ll also need to establish a relationship of trust between you and your customer. Social proof is a great way to do that, as is offering free samples or free content. Testimonials are another way to earn your customers’ trust.

A great landing page can boost your business’s sales exponentially. Effective landing pages grab the reader’s attention.They’re clear about what’s on offer and how it can benefit the customer; they address the customer’s concerns about making a purchase; and they establish trust. Learn more about the elements of a good landing page, and soon you’ll find that your online conversion rates are better than ever.

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