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Build Website and Cultivate Your Business Online

Have you recently witnessed a decrease in your business? Have you ever wondered why? If no, you are still unaware of the speedily increasing use of the Internet for product search. According to Statista, one of the leading stats collecting website, the business to consumer online sales worldwide values around $1,251,4bn. This figure will help you realize that it’s time to build website and cultivate your business online.

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With the introduction of gadgets like smart phones and tablets, accessing the Internet has become one of the simplest tasks. People nowadays prefer researching on the products well in advance before they actually buy them. And this is where the online stores and business websites play an important role in accessing their potential customers.

Hence, if you have a business, getting it on the Internet is mandatory if you want to compete with your competitors and continue the business you once did. Getting your business online also helps you in reaching potential audiences without a specific geographical location. Thus, it also increases your scope of reaching more customers thus acquiring greater profits.

So what are you waiting for? Its right time to create a website for your business and grow your online presence now.


Gone are the days when you needed to hire professional to design and develop your website spending a hefty amount. With the introduction of smart techniques, you can build website online these days by mere clicking on a few buttons that too at an affordable price. The below given points will guide you on creating your website and take your business online.

  • The first step of getting your business online is registering the domain name for your business. Various service providers like GoDaddy, BigRock, etc. help you in registering your domain name at a very affordable price. Your domain name would be same as that of your business name. However, most of the times a very common business name might be registered by some other business and you might need to either find a variation or choose some other extension like .net, .org, etc. instead of .com.

  • After purchasing your domain name, the next important step is to buy the hosting server. A hosting server is the space where you install your website and make it available on the Internet. You will get this hosting space from your domain registrants as well. It’s recommended to buy the domain name and the hosting server from the same service provider unless you are technically expert. Hence, if you’re a novice, prefer the same domain and hosting provider to avoid further technical issues.

  • Once you are done with your domain name and the hosting server, the next important thing to do is install the Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress on your website. These CMS are and interface between you and your website development. This interface helps you in designing your website, writing content on it, upload images, design contact forms and many more. Hence, installing the CMS is the next big task. These days all the major service providers offer you a single click CMS installation option on the dashboard that helps you in installing these CMSs.

  • Once you have installed the CMS, you will get to see your website in the web browser by typing in your domain name. The website that you see holds a basic design and pages which you need to edit by signing in your website dashboard. Once you are logged in into your website dashboard, you will find numerous options that will help you in changing the design of your website, upload images and videos on your website, write in content on your website, design contact forms for the customers and much more.

  • If you find the CMS too tedious to handle, the service providers also offer you with one of the most exclusive services to build website online by the website builders. Though the website builders comprise additional chargers, they help you to design and develop your website by a simple drag and drop process.

It’s a high time to build website online since people these days prefer buying products from the Internet more than wasting time in physical shopping. Moreover, the above methods will help you in creating your website at an affordable cost that too without much time investment.

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  1. Apart from WordPress and Drupal, we have some really good CMS providers such as Contentstack and Contentful which makes content management pretty easy for you. These are some of the best Headless CMSs in the market right now. They allow you to maintain a centralized repository for content whereas you have the liberty to select a platform where your content will go. You can access your content using APIs.


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