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Some Business Owner Tips for Productivity

When dreaming of owning your own business as a younger person it is easy to picture the piles of money, sunglasses, being your own boss with no one to tell you what to do. If you only knew then what you know now. While there may not be SOMEONE telling you what to do, the business itself demands enough attention there may as well be about 20 other people directing your business. Time becomes the resource you spend the most as you work through the layers of details that occupy your mind each day. Running a business, or managing a team for that matter, takes a lot of work and attention. Business owners, it doesn’t have to be this way. By looking at your productivity, making some adjustments to maximize your output, you can find yourself with more free time on your hands to actually enjoy the life you have built for yourself.

Hire Good People


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If you are going to be able to spend any time away from the job, you will have to be comfortable with the people running the place while you are out. The productivity of your employees is as important as yours because they will be helping the business to be successful and in the end, this is what you want anyways. Don’t just hire anyone with the schedule that works. Hire people that fit the attitude of your business (with skills, clearly) so that they can work independently and know what problems to look out for, processes for the operation, and how to reach the right person in case of any kind of emergency. Be genuine, authentic, and care for your employees. They are your key to finding more freedom in your day.


Hire Good Services

When there are good services you can employ to cut your time, you should consider acquiring them. Payroll, for example, is a weekly or monthly project for the business that requires attention to detail. There are services available that make it easy to track employee hours and reduce the time to pay your employees by over half! You won’t have to keep track of each individual timesheet (no more mess!) and you can have the passenger seats back in your car again. There are some great services available for this kind of service. Just search around and you can find online tracking services.


Take Time Each Morning


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It sounds simple, but just taking time each morning to map out your day will give you control over how your day unfolds, anticipating challenges but also realizing where you can find or make time. According to an Entrepreneur article, about 20% of your thoughts and worries are consuming 80% of your time.

Productivity can be a buzzword or a way of life. To find your right level of productivity, experiment with new ways to find time in your day. Keep your eye out for services that help make your life easier and don’t take risks with people who don’t have good habits for your business as they’ll be a drain on you and the business. Good luck!

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