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How can Electronic Document Management work for me?

Gone are the days when a filing system was about rows of cabinets full of cardboard files containing documents. The age of electronic document management is well and truly here and it makes managing your documents so much easier. Don’t think that this just applies to computer generated data either, with the ability to scan there is nothing to prevent you from storing all of your paperwork online, although scanned documents are typically stored as pictures or PDFs and cannot be worked on. document-management How does electronic document management work? The great thing about electronic document management is that it allows you to create one definitive version of a document that everyone can have access to. This puts an end to all the confusion around different people working on, or referring to, different versions of the same document. You can also keep previous versions for reference as they can be stored in a cohesive and easily identifiable manner. Of course you also have the advantage of preventing the loss of important files and information. If you are not using an electronic document management system it is easy to mislay records which are either hardcopy or electronic, you can learn more at Konica Minolta. The useful functions of Electronic Document Management There are several functions of electronic document management that are invaluable in the business world.

  • Storage

A central storage place foe a document which also allows you to decide how long it needs to remain stored and to migrate it to another location when necessary.

  • Indexing

A method of ensuring you can retrieve a document with ease either with numeric indexing or by using words from within the document as an identifier.

  • Retrieval

Documents can be linked to a specific project so that you can retrieve all related information. Alternatively there is a facility to search for a keyword and retrieve all documents that contain the keyword.

  • Distribution

Once a document is in the system is can be shared between individuals or teams. It is important to ensure that the document is protected so that it cannot be altered.

  • Security

Some companies deal with confidential information that needs to be kept secure. Certain electronic document management systems allow you to set up restrictions on access to documentation.

  • Central Repository

It can be very costly to a company when a member of staff leaves taking their expertise with them. An electronic document management system provides a central location to store the knowledge of individuals so that if someone leaves the company others don’t have to learn everything anew.

  • Data back-up.

There are numerous back-up storage options with which document management systems can interact. This removes the possibility of documents being lost should your computer systems crash. Electronic document management is a valuable tool in business. When you are trading with other businesses and selling to customers, or providing a service, you need to ensure your documentation is organised and accessible, while at the same time being secure. It makes for a higher functioning, more efficient enterprise.  

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