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How to Change your WiFi Router’s Admin Password?

Every router comes with a by-default password. Each manufacturer set a different default password for their router. After you bought a router, it’s good to change your default admin password. It’s because keeping your default admin password can lead you to a network security breach.

Any person can guess the default password of your router and try to connect with it. At the very least, an intruder can consume your monthly internet bandwidth and make you pay more. But not every person is tech dummy. There are many people nowadays that know a thing or two about hacking. There is a strong potential that they can try to get access to your credit card numbers and other useful information. And this task will be a whole lot easier if, they can crack your wifi router’s admin password, easily.

So, as you know that changing your router’s admin password is not an option, it’s a necessity, a question arises how to do that. To solve this question, here are the exact steps you need to copy in order to change your router’s admin password.

Note: Please note that in this process your router’s settings will be set to default.

Reset Your router

In order to reset your router, you’ll need to press and hold the ‘reset button’ of your router, which is usually present on the back side of the router, for 10-30 seconds. The reason why you need to hold that button for such long is that if you press and hold the reset button for a short period of time, it will simply reset the router but will not bring default settings back.

Connect your router to your computer

Now you need to connect your router to your PC, via an ethernet cable. Many router manufacturers don’t allow a user to access their web-based admin panel (which we want to access) via wireless mode, that’s why it’s necessary to connect one end of a LAN port on your router and another end with a PC/laptop.

Access your router’s administrator panel

As we have connected the router to our PC, it’s time to access our admin panel. Different manufacturers have a different default IP address for their admin panels such as by Apple and or by Netgear etc. If you any other manufacturer’s router, then you can check the manual to find your correct default IP address.

Enter your default admin username and password

Like default IP addresses, different manufacturers have different default username and passwords. Use this list to find out the correct one.

Go to “Admin” Area and have a new password

From the main page of your router’s configuration, go to ‘Admin’ area and have a new password. Make sure to keep this password, long and hard-to-guess for intruders.

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