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How to choose the best CDN provider? Helpful tips for Choosing cheapest CDN service

Options. Internet is rife with options for almost everything you will ever need for your blog. You have hundreds of plugins doing the same thing and you just can’t make out which one will suit your needs.

You will always read about Product A is better than Product B and Product C is better than Product A. See? This itself makes it confusing to opt for the one service or product that you should buy.


You should also know that the costliest is not always better. Therefore, arranging the product in ascending order based on prices and fake reviews would be of no help.

Same is the case with CDN. There are hundreds of CDN service providers, it is difficult to choose one. First let me tell you what is CDN and how it works.

CDN is a series of networked servers located worldwide to deliver content to readers from the server that is closest to them, in order to improve your website’s loading speed and reduce your own server resources. Check out this video on how a CDN network works.



The geographical location between your reader’s PC and your server determines the latency and speed of blog. Hence having a CDN eliminates this latency issue.


As I gave an example above about some products being superior to other, there are some fix ground rules and thumb rule features that you should look for when finalizing your CDN provider. Let’s learn about them in this article.


  1. Performance

Without a doubt, your money should go to the server which performs the best and has the best features relevant to your website’s needs.

The foremost thing that your CDN should be able to do is Origin-Pull and Gzip compression. There should also be a support for reverse proxy. These 3 features will improve your blog’s performance by fourfold.

Speed is the key. Therefore, do an A/B testing as to which CDN service is the best for your website.


  1. Response Time

This means, your CDN server should respond the the browser requests as quick as possible. It doesn’t matter how well your CDN server feature is, but if it cannot respond faster to requests, it won’t be of any use. Always check for server response time and latency.


  1. Server Uptime

No matter how amazing your server’s features and performances are, it’s of no use if it cannot keep up and running 24 x 7. It is of utmost importance that the server can provide 100% uptime guarantee. Apple lost $26 Million in sales when its servers went down for 3 minutes due to a small outage.


  1. Strong International Presence

The whole purpose of using a CDN is to serve files to readers from server closest to them. If the CDN service is not widely located around the world, the service loses its entire purpose. Hence, check for the locations where CDN servers are installed. Specially check for locations covered from where the majority of your traffic comes.


  1. Pricing

Last but not the least, comes the pricing of service. Prices differ from CDN to CDN and as I said, costliest is not always the best. If you are looking for a cheap CDN, we strongly recommend INXY. It is the cheapest and most affordable CDN provider on the market along with a few others that is not only affordable but also delivers the best on all the above 5 thumb rule features that you must look for when buying a CDN service.
Let us know which CDN do you use in comments below.

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