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Choose a Network to Protect Your Staff’s Resources

Create a closed cloud network that provides a safe harbor your staff while they use their laptops, smartphones and tablets to do work for your company. With this measure, you offer end-to-end network data protection for everyone on staff.

An example of a company that offers its clients the chance to provide that safe working environment for their own staff is Pertino. This company, and others like it, want you to secure the people who work for you, whether they are on the premises or traveling far from your home office. The easiest way for you to do that is to make sure you are all working from the same secure network, based in the cloud.

Network to Protect Your Staff's Resources

Choose a cloud network engine that turns consumer Internet into your own business-grade network. With this type of system, you will have multiple layers of protection against any potential attacks on your network, making it difficult and nearly impossible for hackers to break through. Using state-of-the-art security measures, similar to top cloud data centers, you will find your network nearly impenetrable from intruders.

Once you build this safe infrastructure, you can have each staff member go through and authenticate each device they will use to perform work tasks, offering their own personal system all the protection they have at their desktop computer or business laptop. Protecting your company’s sensitive data and your staff’s devices is the goal for system security providers. With the right provider and system in place, you and your staff can focus on daily business matters without any lingering worry about potential attacks from external parties.

You and your IT staff can easily manage all things within the network with a secure certificate authority and exchange technology. With a people-based policy, you invite only those who you want into your network, thus allowing for even tighter security measures. Make sure you can always see who has access to your network with this type of security, whether online or offline.

The end-to-end app for everyone’s personal device is the key to allowing staff to roam freely while accessing your company’s sensitive data. Whether at the local coffee shop, the airport or in their own living room, your data is safe on their device with this package.


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