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All About Clashot with its Android App

Do you owe a smartphone? Does it have a sound camera? Are you a freak while clicking images? If the answer to all the questions is a yes, then I guess it’s the time to show your talent to the world and get paid!

You all must be wondering that what for the god’s sake, I’m talking about! Well, I think you have an idea of what I’m talking about and let me tell that you’re damn too right.url

Yeah, I’m telling you click some of the best photos or this is what you think you can do better than others and get paid for them. The buyers all over the world are eager to buy images clicked by you on topics like fashion, cars, trending news, viral concepts, ongoing shows and much more.

All you need to do is just upload your work and let the buyers decide what you’ve really got it in you and if you work hit them hard, then no doubt they’ll pay you as magnificent as your clicked image is.

The Android has a really good platform for the online business of images that is buying and selling which has some of the best media agencies, online business portals, promotional campaigners and others as buyers and of course high quality photographers like you as sellers.

Here is a compact illustration of what Clashot actually does.

Conceptual Idea

The idea of taking full profit from the ever rising growth of the smartphones and internet users, Clashot from Depositphotos has come up with something that could be regarded as an innovation for the highly skilled snap takers out there.

Clashot allows you to upload your clicked images which you think are the best from you and make them available for the buyers across the planet which are actually searching the images for their own work online on this platform. Quite a simple thinking, but high enough to touch the sky!

Buyers and Sellers

Clashot has got some decent customers from the media, website, PR and other industries which are constantly looking for the good work in the form of images and more than happy to pay for that work if that is something they’re looking for.

The website also has a large number of users which are regularly uploading their clicked stuff for the online review and selling purpose. Once a snap uploaded by you is selected by any buyer then they will contact you via your account and will finalize the deal.

Need of Buyers and Sellers

On Clashot the buyers mainly look for the epic pictures under every niche like fashion shows, auto shows, worldwide concerts, breaking news images and much more which are relevant for their use and they’re ready to pay for them any time.

The sellers on the other hand can explore the Clashot platform to know what exactly is trending on it and what actually buyers are looking for. Depending on the search results the photographers can easily choose the subject of their future work and put some stuff related to that.

Reasons to Bank Upon

Clashot is surely not one of its kind app provided by the Android for its users to earn money using their snap taking skills. Though, there are some reasons which make this platform far better than others. Here are they:

  • The simple and easy going user interface which is understandable at one looks only.
  • The free use of the app and uploading images is surely a better idea to thrive.
  • The ease of navigation within the platform is highly appreciable.
  • Search option for what’s trending is truly helpful.
  • The social media tie-up plays an exceptional role to boost the sales and confidence of users.
  • Being the part of a virtual family where you find your financial and skill dreams come true.

Clashot Android App Interface: Quick View


Download Clashot Android App

Lagging point and Price Offered

The only point where the Clashot has got some glitches is the uploading time of images but that is not often. Sometimes only you can find your images taking more than appropriate time to get uploaded to the platform. Apart from this the image loading time is slightly higher.

That I guess could be the matter of time before it gets cured as the Clashot is getting overwhelming response from the users.

On the payment front, once you have the US $50 in your account associated with the Clashot, then only you can access them and the process will take a week to get your payment.

Final Words

Clashot is surely a good platform for the youngsters who have the passion of photography in them and also like to earn money for their extra pocket money.

Apart from that, it gives a good exposure to your skills and provides you the real world reviews for your work.

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  1. Clashot is great PUlkit,Thanks for sharing about this as I’ve become fond of it after reading your post and downloaded it.


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