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Cloud storage: Jump on the bandwagon

The idea of cloud storage is to have everything easily accessible in one place. Each one has a unique username and password (either per user or for the whole server dependent on preferences) and cloud storage can be tailored to a business’s need with the option to make it a private or public server or even a hybrid which incorporates both servers into one cloud.

Cloud computing 2

It has provided them with backed up files, more storage space than they could have dreamed of before and an easy way to share files with others. But why should you get on board too?

Understanding cloud storage

Just picture cloud storage as an online documents folder with zero to no potential for failure compared to other storage devices, such as external hard drives. All files saved there are still stored in your regular documents so accessibility is not a problem, if you wish to remove files from the Cloud they are permanently deleted from the servers which means that nobody can access it and the file will have been disposed of cleanly.

If you suspect someone may have access to your files (which is highly unlikely if you can keep a username and password to yourself) it is easy to avoid exposure or having anything stolen. There is of course the concern of understanding the concept of the cloud, or maybe you just want reassurance

A private cloud can be set up in a home or by a business, but this can be over complicated and an unnecessarily long process. Although in the long run it may prove handy and cheap, they require maintenance which takes time that could be better spent on other processes.

This is why many individuals and businesses choose to outsource these processes to experts in the IT industry – such as Dell. If you choose a Dell Private cloud then they can do all of the nitty gritty stuff for you: all you have to do is click and drag your files to the designated area and it will keep your files secure.

Nothing else is required from you … other than a username and password of course!

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