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All About Commercial Security Cameras and Alarms

Small businesses often lose a significant amount of money due to theft and other abuse of products or services. Fortunately, business owners can prevent such unpleasant incidences by installing video surveillance systems to keep track of all employees and customers.
A retail setting is vulnerable to theft, especially when relatively small items are sold. Pocket size things could be easily stolen by sneaky shoplifters. However, state of the art video cameras can capture every single move of customers that walk around in a store. Video surveillance should be professionally installed in strategic locations such as above the aisles in supermarkets or retail shops.

Video cameras
Video cameras should also be mounted directly above the entrance and exit to keep track of all the people that are walking in and out of a business. Commercial quality video cameras are capable of recording movies in 1080p quality, which is considered High Definition. The footage is recorded onto an external hard drive such as a DVR. It’s important to archive videos in order to review possible cases of shoplifting and other incidents from weeks or months in the past.

In fact, video surveillance systems often come with advanced software that is very useful for security management. For instance, videos of particular hours and dates can be easily found with a simple database search engine that’s integrated into video surveillance software. Commercial surveillance systems offer similar features as a home surveillance camera.
For example, remote monitoring is an important aspect of security systems. Business owners can view in real time what’s going on inside their stores and other types of commercial settings.

Real time alerts can also be sent to smartphones via text message and email. Whether it’s day or night, a business owner has a peace of mind thanks to 24 hour video monitoring. Security cameras are often linked to alarm systems that notify the authorities when something goes wrong. For example, a motion detector might spot movement in a business during late night hours. Such a situation prompts the activation of an alarm system that calls for the local police.

Videos are immediately reviewed to confirm any crimes that may have been done inside a commercial facility. It’s important to have video cameras that boast a night vision range for dozens of feet. The night vision videos are recorded in a bright green display that may clearly identify moving subjects like people and animals.

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