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Computer Glasses for the Internet Era – What Can It Do For You?

Computer Glasses for the Internet EraComputer glasses provide elegant protection to the eyes with less eye strain and Pixel Eye Wear offers the most effective laptop glasses available on the market. Unequalled protection and eye comfort are the fascinating attractions of computer glasses of the contemporary era. Top rated glasses offer styles perfect for anyone and their major features include blue light protection, cutting edge coatings, and handcrafted frames. Computer users can say good bye to headaches and eye strain with the advent of glasses. Glasses give an opportunity to experience the world in HD (High Definition) and the usage of glasses is recommended since exposure to blue light causes symptoms of eye fatigue, dry eyes and migraine.

Unequalled Protection Offered by Computer Glasses

Pixel Eye Wear got featured in prominent news publications including Time, The Wall Street Journal, Vogue, and Inc. The most popular varieties of computer glasses are Capra, Buteo, Thera, Omni, Ventus, Meru and Oryc. Capra is the advanced PC glass tailored for the internet era and the Whiskey tortoise variety of computer glass is highly popular. The Capra reduces eye strain, filters blue light, eliminates glare, reduces eye strain, and improves sleep. Capra adds a layer of sophistication to the daily style and personal computer glasses help us to keep relation with technology a healthy one.

Good quality and fast shipping are the essential features of a company providing computer glasses. Computer glasses are definitely a life saver and immediate improvement in eye fatigue and headache is the primary benefit of them. Typical PC glasses are lightweight and comfortable to wear and Pixel Eye Wear has exceeded the expectations of customers. Typical laptop glasses are stylish and the capra is absolutely cute according to the opinion of customers. The Capra has got scores of compliments and glass is effective at filtering blue light.

Computer users adore conventional computer glasses since they look great as well as comfortable. The Thera and Aery varieties of computer glasses are priced at $85 and Thera is available in the graceful colour of champagne crystal. The caramel colour variety of Aery has become quite popular among computer glass users of contemporary age. PC glasses are designed and engineered keeping in mind eye comfort and Pixel has paved the way towards breakthrough in lens technology. Performance without losing clarity is the majestic attraction of smartphone glasses and its lenses filter 50 percent of the blue light.

The surgical protection offered by computer glasses allow to focus on work and it is glare, smudge and scratch free. Computer glasses combine the latest coating technologies and they employ super hydrophobic outer layer, nanotechnology that reduces smudges. The anti reflective coating of PC glasses eliminate computer glare and it reduces stress on the eyes. Personal computer glass lens blocks blue light, eliminates glare, block UV light, resist scratches and resist fingerprints. A typical glass produced by Pixel Eye Wear repels dust, reduces colour and image distortion. The hours looking at screens can be made strain free by using personal computer glasses and other popular varieties of computer glasses are Omni, Ventus, Oryc and Merca. Computer users can bid adieu to eye strain, blurred vision, red eyes and computer vision syndrome with the introduction of laptop glasses.

It is to be understood that computer glasses differ from traditional eyeglasses or reading glasses. Computer glasses will have sixty percent of the magnifying power of reading glasses and they correct astigmatism. It can be customized to individual needs and research has proved that computer eyewear can increase worker productivity. Special purpose lens work well for PC glasses and these lenses are not suitable for general purposes.

Single vision lens is the most common form of computer lens and computer glasses provide the most comfortable vision at the user’s computer screen. Single vision computer glasses greatly reduce the risk of eye strain and blurred vision and it can be used by both young and old computer users. Occupational progressive lens is another type of lens used in personal computer glasses and they have a large intermediate zone than regular progressive lens. Another type of lens used in smartphone glass is occupational bifocal and trifocal lenses and the lenses of glasses should essentially include anti reflective coating.

Computer glasses with photo chromic lenses can shield eyes from visible blue light from computer screen. It is best to purchase computer glasses from a knowledgeable eye care professional in order to get maximum benefits from computer glasses. A typical PC glass of today is fused with futuristic technology and its balanced frame supports optics. The key features of laptop glasses are wide format lenses, rigid lens mounting, and multi barrel hinges. The silicone hard coated lens of them can be used to prevent scratching and it blocks harmful blue light as well as ultraviolet light.

According to seasoned ophthalmologists, computer glasses prevent dark circle and under eye bags. Some of the popular varieties of computer glasses are equipped with enhanced polycarbonate double sided anti reflective coating. The double sided antireflective coating of PC glass reflects eye reflection on to the line of sight. Conventional glasses are really worth every penny and the size of laptop glass lens is appealing. According to the frequent users of smartphone glasses, they are very comfortable to use and the users feel that they have made the right choice. Individuals who have used PC glasses will notice significant changes within a very short time span.

Better screen viewing and greater clarity are the most noticeable benefits of computer glasses. According to the opinion of expert eye physicians, computer glasses allow eyes to blink and function naturally. PC glasses are recommended for office workers or anyone who has to look at the computer screen all day. They work with all screen types including laptops, desktops, Smartphones and tablets. Conventional laptop glasses offer ideal levels of sleep and they are effective at sensitivity against fluorescent lights. It has been pointed out that glass lenses don’t distort screen colours or they don’t have yellow tint. Smartphone glasses are anti screen flicker, anti glare, anti fog, anti oil and they block electromagnetic ray.

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