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Corning® Willow Glass – Ultra-Thin, Flexible & Tough Sister Of Gorilla Glass

Recently, an industry tradeshow event was held in Boston and amongst the company whom showed their showcase is Corning® with their latest and most amazing innovation called the “Willow Glass“. The Willow Glass now holds the title of the thinnest and flexible glass known in our current technology which could possibly revolutionize the concept of incoming technologies for our tech-consumers. This is one of those innovations that I’ve only seen work on movies like Minority Report – pretty neat if you ask me. Especially if those manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, HTC, and others alike could integrate this newest flexible yet durable glass with their upcoming smartphones.

Corning's Willow Glass

For those who are always up-to-date in terms of what’s the latest or what’s new in technology, a flexible and ultra-thin glass sheet is something that is NOT inconceivable. As a matter of fact, we’ve seen this flexible displays from Samsung way back in 2010. Samsung showed their Flexible AMOLED display in the FPD 2010 event held in Japan.

Corning® is known for their Gorilla Glass which is one of the popular and widely used tough and scratch-resistant glass in most of the gadgets we are using nowadays. Gorilla glass is thin as well but with the release of its sister, the Willow Glass, there’s a new definition of the word “thin and durable” since this new Corning innovation is much thinner yet tough screen.  The Willow glass sheet specification will come out in a 0.05mm thick as compared with the standard glass on our gadgets that ranges from 0.2mm to 0.5mm.

This will surely help manufacturers to conceptualize a much thinner and handier devices and gadgets in the coming years. Who knows, we would probably see a futuristic smartphone, tablet or notebook where you can fold into something that can fit into your pocket.

Am I being too optimistic? 🙂

[Source: MarketWatch]

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