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All About CouponChaska and its benefits.

With the booming of ecommerce industry in India, coupons have also been on a spree these days. It started with the mobile recharge websites offering us nice coupons for various online services offer over internet and as soon as they grew popular, other new websites started using them as a nice advertising portal to increase the footfalls over their websites. Recently due to the provision of coupon codes or promo codes on all the ecommerce website, there have been many coupon based websites which tend to keep a repository of all the coupons which can be used on these websites. These repositories really help the customers because most of the times one of these coupons or deal works and they are really benefitted with them.


Such websites have been getting a lot of popularity lately as they help the consumers to buy the same thing at cheaper price as compared all the price rates mentioned at any other website. Couponchaska is a new website which takes this provision to a whole new level and hence to be really honest, I would say that as of now the UI of their website is little irresponsive. The idea used by them is great as they have emphasized over the amount of discount that a customer usually receives on his or her product like you can check american swan coupons

The average amount of discounts which a user receives is not much and hence it is relatively easier to give that amount to user in terms of mobile recharge. This kind of business model helps them to generate profits while being an affiliate for the ecommerce websites and the cellular service provider, which makes them earn profits from both the end, (while you make a purchase while using their coupon code and getting a recharge of that amount).

The best part is that you do not need any kind of registration for using the service of this website, every time you try to use a coupon code available on this website, you will have to enter the mobile number and email address and they will receive the mobile recharge within 10 days. However, if you don’t receive any kind of confirmation or if you don’t receive the recharge within the span of 10 days then they have a process to deal with such discrepancies. Please try to use them once on your own and let us know your view about the cashback sites in india like couponchaska. You have nothing to pay for and hence nothing to lose while using their services.

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  1. Hi Pulkit
    Great site. I used many android apps for finding coupon codes but this couponChaska system just goes above all. Thank you very much for sharing with us this great coupon hunting site.


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