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How to Create A Better About Us Page

Do you have an “ABOUT US” page on your site? After seeing so many boring about us page on numerous sites, I feel it should not exist at all. But as it exists and you can’t remove it because somebody – somewhere thinks it has importance, let’s make it more interesting and worth. The main reason why about us page is the least frequent page in the list of analytics is, you can’t balance between the self-focused approach of yours and sell yourselves to your customer.


Here, we will discuss some tactics which can help us to make our about us page useful.

  1. Reader’s Survey

Nobody really goes to the about us page to know what are the goals and mission statements of the agency or company. So, instead of writing this traditional and boring stuff on about us page, get to know from the user what they want to know from your about us page? Ask them what question led them to this page? Ask to both types of users, the one to whom you could win and the other to whom you can’t. Then try to answer all the necessary questions in your about us page.

  1. Let your client do marketing of your product or services

Whenever you want to buy anything from a fish pot to car, you don’t trust on what the shop owner or the seller himself says. We ask for the opinions of the person who is already using their products. So, instead of convincing new user by yourself, give this job to your past customers.

Yeah, I am talking about testimonials on about us page. If possible, add a photo of the client as well. It will help you build the trust in your brand.

  1. Add something pleasant to the eyes

The first impression is always created by what we see. So, instead of writing too much, add something like a timeline, infographics and other images which can attract to the reader. The key information will be conveyed most effectively in this way.

  1. Be a story teller

Who doesn’t like a story? Everyone like it right? Then why don’t you share your story with your customers? People like to know from where you have come from. Don’t hesitate to mention the lowest level from you started. It builds customer’s trust in your company. You don’t need to make them the witness of every moment of your journey. SO, don’t tell them everything year by year. Just an overview is enough.

  1. Include your address and contact details

Your client may have some doubts regarding your services or products, so don’t forget to mention the way of being in touch. Mention all the social media account details, your phone number, the address of your company and Email ID.


If there was a simple formula to make an interesting about us page, I would not have taken the efforts of writing this post. NO FORMULA – it doesn’t mean that it’s a rocket science. You can try all the tactics based on your experiences and revise the about us page, then analyze the total number of visitors, bounce rate and other metrics for this specific page.

If you don’t want to deal with this headache, then get the best paper writing services which will fit to your requirements. You can also take help of your friends who have creative mind in such things.

If you have any secret tips to share, which can make the “ABOUT US” page interesting, then feel free to share it via the comment section.



  1. I think the about page should be eliminated. The issue is that some website design the home page without informational content but put the content on about pages. I believe the about content should be on the home page.


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