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How to Create Nested Folders In iOS 7

You must be having 3 – 4 pages of home screen of long and unending list of apps which you rarely use. But you don’t have any idea how to get rid of them or how to make your way through the bevy of apps and get to your destined app. So, now what you can do is create nested folders in iOS 7 and have the apps stored in there.


Easy navigation through nested folders

Thinking what is nested folder! It is nothing but a folder which is stored within another folder. It was not known to many but now almost half the population of iOS users is fond of these techniques of storing their unwanted apps and clearing the home screen. Now you can move around freely in your home screen without getting lost among all the pre-installed apps. The nested folder idea came into place by tapping in on the loophole of iOS 7 so you won’t find any official help from Apple on how to carry out the procedure. But it is nothing wrong in doing this as it will only help you gain an easy mobility in navigation.

Bug helps to create nested folders in iOS 7

When you are trying to create nested folders then you can organize it tactfully by categorizing it under different names. This means by any chance if you want to use one of those apps then it will be easy for you to locate. We must be thankful to the presence of bug which is helping us to perform this job of nested folders in iOS 7. As long as Apple doesn’t fix this bug we will be enjoying our freedom to remove all the unwanted apps from home screen and put it in a folder and store it away. Generally it is the last thing in the home screen and it is placed in a place where we don’t even bother to look.

Steps to create nested folders in iOS 7 are explained below. If you follow them correctly you will end up gaining a folder with another folder filled with unwanted apps. The steps are simple and easy to follow so just read on and you will readily understand the process –

  • First choose the apps that you want to put in a folder
  • Then combine those apps and put it in folders, for example, if you have selected four apps that you want to remove from the home screen then make 2 folders containing two of those apps in each folder. Now name the folders with different names.
  • Now tap on one of the holder until it turns gray
  • As soon as the folder changes color, double tap on home button and it will pull up the multitasking menu
  • When performing this work you have to be really prompt because if the screen starts to joggle before you hit the home button twice then it won’t work
  • When you enter the multitasking menu the icons will all joggle except for the folder which you intend to hide, it will remain enlarged
  • Tap on home screen now and tap on the folder in which you want to put the enlarged folder
  • The folder will still be there in the home screen until you click on the home button
  • Now the process is complete and you have created a nested folder on your iOS 7

Now you know the process to create nested folders in iOS 7 so you go ahead and enjoy the process. Now you can continue putting all the unwanted apps in the nested folder and take care of your home screen.

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