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Cyber Threats Entrepreneurs Will Need to Watch Out for in 2017

The technology and tactics on both sides of the war between cyber security and the internet’s criminal element are always changing and progressing, so its vital for you to know what kind of threats you may be dealing with in the coming year if you’re planning to start or grow a business online. Below are just a few of the threats you could face online in the coming year.


Data Integrity Attacks

It’s not just the theft of data that you need to worry about anymore; some hackers now aim to compromise your data by altering, adding, and removing elements. Not only will this erode public confidence in services that are targeted, but it will enable further security breaches as it allows hackers to erase signs of their presence or create ways into the system that appear to be part of its normal operation.

Internal Threats

Not all cyber attacks happen over the internet itself. As security measures improve, many would-be hackers are turning to company insiders and using social engineering, threats, and bribes to gain system credentials and other information. Be warned that though perimeter defences are still essential they are no longer the be-all and end-all of cyber security.

Metamorphic and Polymorphic Malware

The newest, shiniest, and most frightening trick in the hacker’s toolbox this coming year may well be these malicious programs that are capable of rewriting themselves on the fly to avoid detection. With such a slippery new threat out there, it will be more important than ever to get a security assessment from a qualified provider like Nettitude and take steps to fix any holes that might be exploited.


An increasingly common tactic is to engineer or employ a piece of malware that not only infects and compromises a system, but then also issues a demand for payment to either restore the system to working order by decrypting files on the system it has encrypted (thereby rendering them inaccessible) or simply not to publish the fact that the system was compromised in the first place.

McAfee Labs predicts that this practice will peak around the middle of 2017 and then begin to recede as effective countermeasures become more widespread.


  1. This is something great on web. These days developers are having with great tools to protect web but we all know that “Security is Just and Illusion”, All we need to aware about those attacks that you had listed but this.


  2. Ransomware sounds like a pretty scary thing to happen to a business. Never heard of something like that, but at least nobody gets hurt, right?


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