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Discussion about Electromagnetic Frequency Radiation

How many of us actually know that how electromagnetic radio frequencies are harmful to human health. Well, it is something that I would not say that we know, but this is something that we believe in. When I say believe it, the primary issue that we face here is that we do not actually know the truth about it and yet we believe in it. What is an Electro Magnetic Radiation actually? As the Wikipedia page says, “Electromagnetic radiation (EM radiation or EMR) is the radiant energy released by certain electromagnetic processes. Visible light is electromagnetic radiation, as is invisible light, such as radio, infrared, and X-rays.”


EMF is something that exists all along with us in the universe but does not harm us unless the concentration is too high. The radiation that comes out of mobile usage and mobile towers is also EMF, but the concentration in which it comes is too low to cause any sort of damage. There are a lot of myths about the EMF radiation that comes out of a mobile tower. People do not want to live somewhere near a mobile tower. The myths also have it that exposure of radio frequency EMF can lead to cancer, brain damage and all. But to be true, all of this is nothing but a myth and has got no solid grounds.

I personally believe that considering the fact that the term Radiation has had a very bad history with Human beings, like the incident in Chernobyl. But frankly speaking, the electromagnetic frequency radiations are only dangerous when they have the potency to ionize matter. But the good thing about radio frequencies is that the radiation emitted by them is not even powerful enough to go pass the upper tissues of a human body, damaging more critical organs like heart, brains, is literally not possible.

The kinds of radio frequency radiation that can cause such destruction are extremely high potency radiations like Ultraviolet rays, gamma rays. The approximate range of these radiation starts from 100 electron Volt to 100 kilo eV. While on the other hand, the radiation emitted by the radio frequencies used in mobile towers is somewhat around one part of a million of one electron volt. Just imagine how minuscule the energy of the radiation is how much fuss that we are creating about it.

According to report by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, “As per the studies conducted by ‘MoEF’ on radiation from Mobile Tower Base Station, no conclusion can be arrived at to ascertain that radiation from mobile tower is exclusively responsible for health hazards.” In fact, just to make things pretty interesting, let me just say that even the white light that we see is a form of radiation. In fact, what if it is aid that a radiation that contains an energy of 1 electron volt I that visible light. Now, technically, it is clear that the radio frequencies contain one by million part of one electron volt and is even weaker that the light we see.

The situation with respect to the electromagnetic radio frequency radiation has increased greatly over the past decade or so. But this is in fact having a bad impact on the human lives. Many individuals, who are shouting against electromagnetic frequency radiation, were also complaining about the lack of communities. This is because in India there have been many mobile towers that have been up rooted just because the radiation was believed to be harmful to health. Many a times it has been proved in various papers and researches over the globe. There are many organizations in the world that constantly monitor the extent of Electromagnetic frequency radiation and work to keep controlled. Mobile Tower radiation causes cancer is a hoax and wrong conception that the human kind is living with.

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