Doogee Dagger 3G Smartphone Offers More for Less

There are several excellent smartphones that have been offered by Doogee in the recent years. However, this is a smartphone that speaks for itself speaking virtually literally. For the price range that it comes for (below $200), we are stunned at the services that it provides and the way it exceeds the expectations of a typical smartphone user. There are several things to keep in mind while using the DoogeeDagger, and the most common one of these is that you are using future technology. The phone is sure to last several years before its features go obsolete, and by far, the internet has seen very few regret speeches from users on the uses of this phone.

Doogee Dagger 3G Smartphone

Screen Size

The phone features a 5.5 inch digital display. Yes, you read that right. The phone is almost a tablet, and challenges the Galaxy Note when it comes to the picture quality of the screen and the IPS layer that it embeds. The screen shows 600 million colours, and has one of the highest definition graphics. The phone has a graphics media accelerator enabled, which means that you can play games such as action arcade and shooters and racing without having to pause for buffers. It is one of the most alluring aspects of the phone, but it is not the only alluring aspect, as we shall soon see.

Unbelievable Processing Speed

The processing speed of the doogie dg octa core smartphone is truly breath taking. Considering that you only have to spend $ 157 to buy Doogie DG500 from, you would be pushing it if you even expect a quad core processor. But, like I said, the phone is laden with alluring fearures and the DG500 would offer you not a quad core, but twice that. An octa core processor means that you do not have to worry about your smartphone going out of date for at least the next five years. If you are a careful smartphone user and like to have long relationships with your devices, then you can be sure that this phone is an excellent choice.


Okay, the excellent processing speed and the display have taken a slight toll on the memory, but we are only considering this from the perspective of a phone that exceeds expectations. For that price range, Samsung would off you a phone with 768 MB RAM. The DG500 offers you a 1GB ram which is not bad. It also offers you 8GB ROM, and the relatively higher memory capacity means that you would be able to load more and better applications onto the smartphone and that it would last you several apps before the phone starts acting up and getting slower.

Overall, the DG500 is an extremely innovative, detail oriented smartphone design with stellar features that come at an unbelievable price. It pays, however, to check with your network provider if the phone supports your SIM, although it has been optimized for international use.

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