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Download Legendary Heroes For Android (Game Review)

A new RPG (role playing game) has just been released by Maya Games and it is called Legendary Heroes for Android. The game is actually not new for most RPG players since Legendary Heroes For Android was one of the top download games in the iOS world and dominated iPad and iPhone devices for months. An action-packed game for Android domination is about to happen in the next few weeks. If you loved playing games like Star Wars, Red Alert, World of Warcraft, Heroes of Newerth, and others alike then you might want to try Legendary Heroes for Android. A little action-packed RPG game on your pocket wherein you can just pull out and get on it.

Legendary Heroes

The group Maya Games decided to invest into a new platform which is Android this time to launch and spread this cool RPG game for Android Legendary Heroes. According to  Reinaldo Pires, director at Maya Games, he admitted that Android market is surely is a growing and because of this success and with the success of their RPG game on iOS they’ve decided to bring the game into the Android world. So all Android users can now enjoy the game.

I’ve seen more and more iOS game applications like Legendary Heroes from which are duplicating their successful application from the aforementioned platform into the Android world. I think this should be done by other developers – to expand and make their application more flexible and readily available on any platforms.

And so I installed Legendary Heroes For Android to give it a shot on my Samsung Galaxy S II.  Once you download the game from Android Market and open the application. It will still prompt you to download the game data (possibly these are the maps, AIs, characters, and other components and libraries that will be needed for the game. After I’ve downloaded everything and started to play Legendary Heroes For Android I was asked to select for a map (that is for beginners only) and next to that are the heroes or the characters I will be using for the game. Before you proceed to the actual game.  The first game that you will get yourself into is the Tutorial campaign session.  You will be guided by the application on what to do from the onset. Once you completed it, then you can begin with your campaign.  I have here some of the screenshots from my tutorial session.

Legendary Heroes Downloading the data

Legendary Heroes For Android

Legendary Heroes For Android Tutorial

Legendary Heroes For Android Fight Scene

Legendary Heroes For Android Victory

My verdict about Legendary Heroes For Android?

The good stuffs first during the four campaigns I played for Legendary Heroes for Android.  First, the graphics are not so bad after all and the characters as well. All the other characters are still locked and you will be given some four characters with different skills. There’s a STR (strength) – type like the Ravager I have chosen when I first played the game, Crusader INT (mana-powered) type knight, and Soultaker an AGI (agility) – type of character.  You have an option to choose whether you only wanted to play with one hero or two more to go along with your crusades. Each one of them you can control during the game. Each one of course have their own skills that you can cast when you’re using them or they auto-cast against the enemy when you let the AI control them. If you are familiar or somehow already played Warcraft or Heroes of Newerth then I think you already have an idea on how to play this Android game. You also have your minions to fight alongside with you and your other two heroes. Your primary objective is to destroy all your enemy’s minions, towers and of course their heroes. On each victory, you gain additional gold coins and/or diamonds where you can use to buy items and unlock other special items and even characters. On the first three beginner game, you will only have a single lane encounter with your enemies but starting on the fourth campaign the lanes will increase.  Oh, before I forget this game is FREE to download from the Android Market.

The not-so-good stuffs about the game. The first thing I noticed while playing Legendary Heroes For Android  is that my Samsung Galaxy S II is rear part is heating so fast. This is most probably caused by the graphic effects of the Android game. There’s too much effects going on and no wonder you need lots of resources and at least a high-end video card when you want to maximize the features of a game on a desktop computer. And because of that, my battery charge is dropping faster than my normal use. About the Android game, it doesn’t automatically attack your enemies until you tap them – I mean your enemies – so that your hero can attack them. So if you will be playing this game on little capacitive screen display then you will always need to adjust your screen to enlarge your view. And my guess is if you play this in some lower-end Android smartphone the game can become pretty sluggish. Because I noticed that the movements of the characters and effects on my Samsung Galaxy S II aren’t that fast.

Still, this is one of my favorite games now and I am giving the developers a little bit credit on the effort of creating the version of Legendary Heroes for Android. There’s more room for improvement since this is the Legendary Heroes For Android debut.

If you want to try it you can visit the Android Market and look for “Legendary Heroes”. Or you can click this link to be redirected straight to the game’s official Android page – Legendary Heroes For Android. And here is the game’s teaser.

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