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EaseUS Data Recovery Software Review

Losing your files on a PC hard drive or USB drives is a trouble to deal with. And if the file is all too important, you will want to try and recover it, right? You will look for the assistance of some data recovery software for this job. Today, we share you a review of EaseUS data recover software. One of the best data recovery tools available out there. We will be discussing all its features and capabilities giving you our outlook on the Windows version of this product.

EaseUS is a well-established company that provides utility software for various applications. Their data recovery software is offered for both Windows and Mac as well as Android and iOS. The company is providing a free version for users to try which has several limitations and two Pro versions. There is also a version for technicians use.

The EaseUS Data Recovery Software like most other software, comes in a wizard interface. So as soon as you open the software, you get a wizard that shows all the locations/partitions in your system. After choosing, we have to just press the Scan button below. A quick scan will be initiated and the scan results will open up in another window shortly after that. While viewing this, the deep scan where the software looks for data in depth will be automatically started. You can look for your deleted file(s) in the quick scan results right now. There are several file filters available to reduce the hassle while searching for the file you are looking for. There is also a search bar to enter a term of the file name and search.

The quick search was able to recover files that are lost recently with ease. But for files that were deleted long ago or overwritten after the deletion, you need to rely on the findings of the program’s deep search to recover deleted files of that kind. The deep search process takes lot of time to complete which solely depends on the partition you selected. Newer, cleaner partitions will cooperate and complete the process quickly. After that, you can view the results of deep search just below the quick search in the same window.

After you find your file or files that are deleted, you need to select them in the results wizard and finally, press the Recover button. The wizard asks us a location to save the recovered files before proceeding and then it recovers all the selected files. It is better not to save the recovered files on the same partition. Now, we get all the data we lost in the location selected before.

Last words

EaseUS did a great job with their Data Recovery Software as it performs as expected. We can get our deleted files back with ease. The free version of the software can only recover up to 2 GB of data and the Pro version gives you extra benefits like tech support and bootable media option. We think this is a solid tool for any recovery task.

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