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How to Easily Add Instagram Style Effects to your Photos

We all love to capture the special moments of our life but not all of us are blessed with the perfect sense of photography. But now we don’t have to worry about whether the light is good or not, or what the image quality will be as there are tools to rectify all the potholes in the image that we captured and bring out the best one out of it. We can shoot whatever we like and by adding the effects it will turn out to be the best image ever.instagram-logo

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Instagram like styling!

Instagram is the name of the solution that we have in handy when we want to add effects and make it look like one of the best clicked one. Though the Instagram is only meant for Android phones but why would we deprive ourselves from the Instagram like effects! When you go online you will find ample amount of alternatives for Instagram. Therefore it is not necessary that you have to carry an Android phone to get an effect like that.

Here are the options that will help you add the effects without any complexity –

  • Rollip – This one comes totally free of cost and there are more than 80 options for editing the photo online. You have the filters like sepia, vintage sundown nd effects like butterflies, hearts, glows and glitters. Multiple pairing of effects and filters is not allowed you can only add one effect against one filter. Then there are options of choosing from bevy of frames and adding text and another thing is that there is no need to register, you can just download and start using the tool.
  • PicMonkey– This one comes with a price tag but not for the Royale Package. In this basic package you will be able to do some editing, adding some effects, overlays, text, frames, themes, etc.
  • Ribbet – You have the basic plan and also the premium one. Basic plan won’t cost you anything but if you are going for the premium pack then you will have to pay an amount. With this tool you can crop, edit, rotate, provide exposure and also add effects like fireside, lomo-ish and hogla-ish. This one also has the options of frames, touch ups and stickers.
  • Picfull– This one doesn’t come with as many effects as others but if you want something quick and handy then this is the tool for you. Here you can use the effects and other online editing tools without registering and for free.
  • Photogramio– You can start playing with your image right away as there is no need to register. You can use the simplified tools that are present in here like the layers, gradients and brushes, etc. this one has tools which are quite similar to that of Photoshop.
  • RadLab– You have the options of 80 effects that you can blend or combine in order to get a much desired effect on the image that you have clicked. The basic plan is free but then there is premium one too which comes with a high price tag.

So, with the help of these tools you can actually get Instagram like effects and style in your pictures.

This article has been written by Robert William. Robert William is a hosting expert who is running various hosting related sites to solve problems. Now he is writing about InMotion where he is sharing InMotion Discount these days.

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