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The Easy Way of Recovering Data using EaseUS Data Recovery Software

Data forms the basic cell of any computer or operating system and it provides the basic life to the DNA of your computer. The recent spate of malware and ransomware spreading has started to ring the bell. So it’s very important for you to keep your data protected and stored under some strict vigilance.

There are various data recovery software available in the market now. Though all of them promise to provide you with data protection and recovery, you should always abide by the customer reviews and performance before choosing any data recovery software that recover deleted files. There are few free data recovery software available in the market and you can download it from any online software repositories.

EaseUS data recovery software has been providing the data recovery assistance for a long time. Their earlier versions were an instant hit among users and they have come up with the EaseUS data recovery software 11.5.

Coming to the details and specification of the product, it includes complete recovery of deleted, formatted and otherwise inaccessible files from your hard drive. EaseUS data recovery software 11.5 is compatible with personal computers, laptop and tablet. It also support multi storage devices such as external hard disk, memory stick, SD card, USB drive, mp3/mp4 players etc.

Frankly speaking EaseUS data recovery software 11.5 is the best free data recovery software available currently. Its easy-to-use features and compatibility make it extremely demanding among the users. So let us quickly get to the pros of this data recovery software.

  1. It is free. Yes it is absolutely free. You just have to download the installer and install the software and SWISH!! You are ready to go.
  2. It is compatible with almost all popular operating system.
  3. You can recover almost every kind of file or data that you store in your system. Once you install the software, just run the scan after you start it. Scanning will take place across all the probable dump spots like recycle bin and they will be stored in the target folder. Click on recover to recover those files. It’s as simple as it sounds.
  4. As data can be deleted formatted or corrupted due to various reasons such as virus attack, deletion, formatting, you need the software to operate very quickly. And this data recovery software really doesn’t disappoint you. It finds the file with the exact name and extension.
  5. The size of the file is very small and it is a lightweight tool. So while running it will not encroach on your RAM.
  6. The newer modification of recovery of devices from iOS devices has added another feather on the cap. This feature has come to help a lot of customers.

If we need to discuss about the cons, then there should not be much to write about. Because this software really doesn’t have any grave concerns. Overall a very good product to go with and 5/5 should be the ideal as well as apt rating for the software.

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