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Effective Twitter Tools to boost your Marketing Strategies

In the recent past, the roots of business undertakings have umbered social networking sites as well. Now apart from socializing, users can also promote their businesses and double fold their marketing strategies. The marketing strategies of businesses have now travelled from papers to online social networking sites. These sites work as a strong platform for business marketers to post offers and market their products on these sites and reach the targeted audience.

A lot of social networking sites offer this facility, Twitter is one of those sites where businesses can advance their marketing strategies forward using it as a platform. Here are some Twitter tools that promote marketing through social media, they are:

1. Twitter Search

This Twitter tool allows users to put in the keywords of their businesses and see what folks are tweeting on them. This is basically a client review for many businesses.
It’s a vital tool to understand everything regarding market preferences and people’s mind for showing the service of their product. The companies need to pay an amount to extract this data, and so however to understand the need of the potential customers and feedback of their present as well as previous customers.

2. Tweet Later
Tweet later is an another important tool of Twitter that entitles companies for unlimited tweets. The notable feature of this tool is that it keeps the tweets to be used shortly and this tool conjointly generates the auto messages
addressing the individuals following your tweets. This tool encourages the client relationship because the client is often updated concerning the business entity through this tool.

3. Twhirl
This is the foremost astonishing tool available on Twitter, that permits you to look at all the feeds associated with your twitter account while not even signing into it. This is often a great method of exchanging tweets. The importance of this tool as a social promoting tool is unmatched

4. Twitter Friend Adder
Another spectacular tool, Twitter friend adder regulates the method of adding users. It’s a decent tool to gain followers and follow their tweets too. Though this tool charges one time $55 from the user for single user and $74 for five users, however this tiny investment is worth it as this tool provides the user to be in contact with unlimited folks and add them as friends.

5. Twellow
This tool is like an online directory that lets the user to go looking for the users with similar sets of mind. The charm of this tool is that the flexibility it provides to the users to settle on from completely different classes of individuals. Around 4 million users  registered with this twitter tool till now. This tool acts as a robust tool for the companies to succeed in their targeted users quickly.

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  1. I would like to add ManageFlitter to the list. It gives you a dozen or so Twitter tools such as sorting your followers/following lists by a range of criteria and finding new people to follow, as well as tracking keywords mentions.


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