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How to enhance the resale value of your house

A little modification of your house, can make a significant difference in the getting you that extra premium while you showcase your property for resale. Well, putting your property for sale is definitely not an overnight decision you take. Suppose you’re resident in Pune and you are willing to resale flats in Pune immediately, so you need to plan the things very well. It is a well-planned step you take just like the way you did when you bought this house to nurture your dreams and create memories. Well, I think putting up your house for sale is quite like grooming your girl for the nuptial ties. The emotions attached to the house is always priceless and you also want someone to take over your house with the same emotional enthusiasm. So, when you put your house on sale, why not giving it a special touch – up which enhances the value of your house


Start with the basic clean – up

A basic dusting and cleaning adds a shine to your house. Ensure that all the corners are free from spider’s web and the layering of the dust and the glass items have their sparking smile back. This enhance the feel – good factor by letting the positive vibes flow across your room. It’s like a prelude for a new novel

Don’t overlook the Kitchen and Bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom are like the gateway to the fantasy world of everyone. You definitely get the answer of the most complicated puzzle of the world while taking a shower and I can bet my favorite Choco pie on that. The kitchen…one place where love has treasured its acknowledgement. Make sure that both the places are clean, spotless and the hygiene factor is maintained.

Repairs and fixes

Well…have you ever noticed, that over the years when you are busy taking care of your loved ones, you actually have overlooked yourself in almost all the aspects…This also happens with our house, when we overlook minor fixes like cracks, damps, switch boards etc. Just get a note of all these and fix it. It will make the room to have a sleeker look

Get a paint coat

A paint coat always rejuvenates the look and feel of the house, fills it with the vibrancy and vitality. But yes, it’s always advisable to use the neutral colors as experimenting with the colors is not recommendable when you are putting up your property for sale…because different people have different opinion about colors and also it’s a matter of choice and preference which varies

Accessorize it properly

If you are grooming your house for a prospect visit, just see to it that you have already removed the unnecessary cabinets and heavy furniture. Too much cluttering gives an illusion of the room not being spacious. And everyone prefer to have little bit more space to live in. be meticulous in picking up the curtains and the blinds and the showpiece of the center table to give it an aesthetic look

When you are done with this invite your attorney for evaluating the property price, an interior designer for final touch up and a photographer to click pictures for listing the property on any real estate portal. You may get in touch with a broker too to promote your property or get your house listed on for getting in touch with the prospective buyers is an online real estate portal which has been successfully providing the edge to the house – sellers meet their desirable home – seekers. For example, if your house is in Pune, after enlisting with them, you get to reach all the prospective buyers looking for resale flats in Pune. All you need to do is place a request for your property listing on their website, and they will get back to you with a visit date and photographers, since they only upload verified listings on their portal. The trustworthiness has created amongst the people through there uniquely designed portal, has increased the genuine viewers, hence you get a perfect family or individual to take ahead the story of your house with equal emotional bondage and definitely gets you the premium along with the value of your home…well memories are priceless…u gotcha carry those…

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