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Facebook For Android v1.7.1 Is Now Available For Download – Bug Fixes

Last week Facebook for Android released their latest build of their application for the most popular social-networking website – Facebook for Android 1.7. The main highlights of this release was the improved sharing capabilities where the developers added more privacy controls on your posts which should match your privacy settings when you’re using it with your regular browser. And like the Facebook for iPhone application from Apple, another feature of Facebook for Android is you can now tag your friends or relatives on your photos, places you checked in and even on your posts. Lastly, there’s a new design for your Profile viewing.

Facebook for Android

A week after, the same developers released their beta build called Facebook for Android version 1.7.1. According to the group this is to fix the bugs found for Android Eclair (2.1) users or smartphone owners.

Although, it is said that this release is better than the previous versions most Android users were still asking the developers to bring back the “update via Android” status on Facebook. And there are any other comments saying that this version is not working on their phones.

I am looking into another build in the coming weeks for the developers to fix the remaining bugs. For more details on the application you can check their Facebook page and/or Android Market.

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