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Facebook Timeline Is Now Compulsory – Have You Checked Your Privacy Configuration?

Facebook Timeline started to roll out worldwide since last week – compulsory. Reports says that the Facebook Timeline will not be an option anymore but rather will be your only option and it will start on August 08. However, I received reports from my close relatives and friends whom never turned on their Facebook Timeline before had been automatically switched last Friday. Whether you don’t like this new profile layout, there’s no way within the most popular social networking media to turn it off. Yes, there are (or there will be) scripts out there that will take you back to your old Facebook profile but it will be just you who will see that old look. Others in your friends’ list will still see your new Facebook Timeline. I wouldn’t even recommend for you to take apply these spreading script unless you have checked it thoroughly. Before you know it, you might have been trapped already inside a malicious malware that will steal information from your account. Facebook Timeline Compulsory Since the only choice you have right now is to accept the fact that there will be changes and there will be more in the future, you should also learn how to adapt.  It’s like moving into a new place, new environment, or new work. The first thing you need to check is your privacy configuration, which I think is the most important thing and wisest thing to do first.  You don’t want to wake up one morning seeing that you have been tagged in a picture which you don’t want to show with your friends. This one is just an example and there are many untoward incidents that will most likely to happen if you don’t secure yourself. Facebook Timeline PrivacyThe first thing you have to check is your Facebook Timeline Privacy Settings.  And to check it, click the arrow head facing downward beside the Home on your Facebook header. From the drop-down select Privacy Settings.  Then once you click on Privacy Settings, you will be taken to a new page from where you can customize the settings for your Facebook profile page.  You can turn on or off some features like who do you want to post onto your wall, restrict public viewing of your profile and limit it to be viewed by certain people. There will be times that it can’t be helped that there will be some friends of yours will tag you on a picture from which you don’t want to be shown with your other friends – this is where your dilemma will start.  So to help you avoid that humiliation further, here’s one simple tweak to help you. The part of that Privacy Settings page that I want you to focus on first is the Timeline and Tagging. This option will help you control every tagging activities from your friends and even the post that they will be putting into your Facebook Timeline wall. You need to click the Edit Settings from the right side of that row.

Facebook Timeline Tagging

An overlay window will pop from your screen named Timeline and Tagging.  You will have a wide range of options here to tweak your Facebook Timeline profile page.  You can opt out other people to post on your Facebook Timeline, restrict people from viewing your profile page, review posts, photos, and many more.

Timeline And Tagging Options

Don’t be careless and don’t be lax unless you intend to. But my recommendation is that you fix your Facebook Timeline the soonest before someone post a picture of yours when you were still a little boy playing with your thing. 🙂 If you want help on creating your Facebook Timeline cover photo, you can refer to my old post entailing How to create your own custom Facebook Timeline cover photo


  1. I don’t really like Facebook Timeline, Disappointed that Facebook made it compulsory, Anyways thanks for the privacy tips


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