Five Essential Blogging Tools You Need to Have in 2017

Five Essential Blogging Tools

It always seem that people have this misconception that bloggers are ordinary people who just write from time to time and post it online… But if you’re a professional blogger, you know that this is as far as it can be from the truth.

Writing is just one of the many responsibilities of a professional blogger… You have to come up with attention grabbing headline, make eye-popping pictures and infographics, promote your posts on social media properly, so on and so forth.

And the world of blogging is really, really competitive – just take a look at World-o-Metrics website and see how many blog posts have been written today – in the moment of this writing, there were 3, 389, 213 blogs published in the world.

Staying Afloat in the Hyper-Competitive World

World of Blogging is Highly Competative

If you want to stand out in this world you have to be focused, automated and productive. For instance, did you know that blogs that have at least one post per day het five times more traffic compared to the blogs that don’t? Well according to Express Writers, it’s the god-honest truth.

And as we already told you, writing these posts is only a fragment of your job so in order to make your life easier, you need to have a couple of useful writing, security and financial tools in your virtual toolbox to take some weight of your shoulders.

So without further ado, here is a short list of tools practically every blogger needs to have in their life in order to excel in both their craft and their business.

Top Five Blogging Tools for 2017

Blog Topic Generator

Blog Topic Generator

The first tool we have on our lists concerns one of the hardest parts of writing – coming up with interesting topics. Just how many times have you sat down at your PC and stared at the screen for half-an-hour, only to realize that you’re experiencing a bad case of writer’s block. So in order to break this vicious cycle, you should try using Blog Topic Generator. You only need to type a couple of terms in the form and the tool will produce a number of fresh blog topics.



While writing is only 10% or maybe 20% of your job, you still have to be a capable writer if you want achieve any success. You’re always working on your style of course, but you don’t want to have any grammatical errors in your posts, right? So you need to start using Grammarly, and eliminate most of the typing mistakes that are bound to occur. The tool also offers small style tips and synonym suggestions. Basically, with Grammarly, you’ll have an online editor for only a small fee.



VPN – or a Virtual Private Network – is an essential tool for all of those marketers, web developers and of course, bloggers that want to be safe on the web. CyberGhost will enable you to browse safely and since it will hide your identity, you won’t have to deal with all the spam. And as this CyberGhost review points out, while there are many good providers on the market like Air VPN and NordVPN, CyberGhost one of the most powerful and cost-effective providers on the market today. And seeing how the company runs great promotions, you may save a couple of buck as well.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social

If you want anyone to read your blog, you have to promote it properly. Naturally, you’re using a couple of more popular social media platforms to do this. But when it comes to managing multiple platforms at the same time, the situation may get a little bit tricky at times. Sprout Social on the other hand will allow you to schedule and publish your posts across a number of social platforms. And with the analytics tools, you’ll be able to evaluate your content and identify your best content.



Everyone wants to receive their payments in a timely manner… But if you have any oversea clients, you know that invoicing payments to them is not that easy. But don’t worry, because that where TransferWise comes into play… The tool will calculate the real exchange rate, which will ensure that you won’t lose any money at all. You can send payouts to both your bank and email account, plus, the process is eight times cheaper than banks.

Final Thoughts

With all of those deadlines, your life as a blogger is often pretty hectic and at times, it can be stressful. And that’s why you need to start using these tools and move in a positive direction.

The tools we presented will accelerate your writing process and allow you to conduct your business stress-free. They’ll also help you boost your productivity and become a better blogger in the process.

We want your feedback! So make sure to tell us what you think about our little list here, by leaving a comment in the comment section bellow. By Vanessa Davis


  1. Hey, Davis,
    All these 5 tools are awesome and very useful for any blogger. I am personally using cyber ghost and Grammarly. They are really helpful for me. With the Grammarly, i can correct the errors of my content. Really a useful tool nowadays. I will try Blog topic generator definitely. Thanks for sharing such a resourceful and useful post.

  2. Nice guideline you provided here. Lots of people spend lots of money but they dont get enough information about the setup of the blog. Lots of people who can write nice articles but crisis of enough information there can be lots of problem.

    I think only making good blogging is not worth on these days, here it need to share in different social media sites. So that people can get easily a blog. Some times we can see writing is very nice but design is so poor in this case every hard work can be spoil. Doing blog is very patience work so do it in a right way is very important. I think sprout social works great, one of my friend works with this tool so think it is good to use.

    I must have to say these tools can helpful for doing the work. Images here are very important for understand everything clearly.


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