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Five Expected And Enhanced Features Of Android 4.4 Kitkat

While so much publicity of Android 4.4 KitKat operating system from Google has been in latest news concerning its features, these new features will be available in upcoming and latest Smartphone. The Android users who are making use of older models of Samsung Smartphone’s are also in a great hope as new additional features will be added into their devices. This new enhanced version of the Android OS is said to be available with redesigned Vanilla user interface, new notification widgets, visual tweaks and new animations, different options of colors for modifying the default blue color of the Android mobile device.

There are some additional features that are expected by most of the existing Android users and other people, mentioned below:

1.       Android Cloud Storage

The Android users are dependent on third party software or apps like Google Drive or Dropbox for storing their important files and data. Like Windows SkyDrive and Apple’s iCloud, Android consumers are also expecting to have a cloud storage feature of android on their own. The latest update of Android 4.4 KitKat is likely to available with this cloud storage feature for consumers which will capable of storing and syncing the data within the devices of users. Google has not disclosed anything about the proper functioning of this feature on Android platforms.

2.       More hardware support

To obtain a new version of the Android OS that is 4.4 KitKat, a device might require low RAM internal storage memory such as 512MB as these are now available in every low budgeted Smartphone. Google has not disclosed anything about this, which indicates there is an availability of the widest range of Smartphone’s in the upcoming days that would remain the users in an up to date situation for longer times prior to any other updates associated with the Android arrives in the market.

3.       Enhanced battery life

A new version of the Android OS is expected to offer enhanced battery life. This is due to the fact that there will be presence of light RAM storage capacity and proper management of the user interface. Due to these reasons, there will be increases in the battery lifespan of Android devices. Bluetooth 4.0 of low energy is present in this new version, which will be able to save large amount of battery life and support devices to run for longer times. This feature will be of great support for tablet users also. But this feature may depend on the OS of devices that is installed on them. Google is trying to keep the expectations of users by offering an enhanced battery performance of Android devices.

4.        Global Network Coverage

This new version is expected for arriving with an LTE system of network coverage, which will include a wide variety of global network coverage. Numerous network carriers are looking forward to be compatible with this advanced version of the Android OS that is to be expected for eliminating the network adjustment in various different territories.

5.       Smooth Screen Orientation

This new update will also offer a responsive and better screen orientation and also smoother transitions by elimination of jerks that were available in previous versions. The orientation of the screen is likely to be fast, smooth and polished without screen distortions. An SEO India Agency let you know about all the latest features of different apps used for different purposes because it specializes in different technological aspects.

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