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Flash vs HTML5 For Online Gaming

When Flash, which was created by Jonathan Gay for Adobe, was rejected by Apple in favour of the HTML5 platform it seemed a strange move on the part of the latter company. Apple and Adobe had worked in partnership comfortably for a number of years and most expected that to continue with Flash widely predicted to be the number one platform for most forms of content delivery. Apple stated that there were significant problems with the technology that meant they could not adopt it for their devices. The decision sparked a war of words and essentially made it a battle of Flash vs HTML5 to be the major platform for everything from video to online gaming.

HTML5 VS Flash


A few years ago it was a battle that Flash seemed destined to win with comparatively few of the major games able to support HTML5 – including a lot of the . However, in more recent times it seems that Apple has been proven correct about the flaws in Flash technology, and Adobe has more or less conceded defeat by agreeing to develop the means to fit Flash within the format of HTML5 rather than going up against it.

Certainly HTML5 is regarded as the better platform for video content, which can be vital for online poker and other casino games. Many of the games themselves to the instructions for new and inexperienced players are delivered in video format, thus for online poker, when it comes to Flash vs HTML5, arguably the latter represents the superior platform.

In addition HTML5 is a much easier system for online poker players to use because it does not require the installation of any software – needing only an internet browser – compared to the downloading required for Flash. This combined with the faster loading times make it by far the better option for online gaming.

Well, i just want to conclude this article by suggesting my readers that don’t consider Flash or HTML5, as both are perfect for online gaming experience but still as per my point of view, i suggest all to go for HTML5 as Microsoft has recently used it for making some coolest online HTML5 games on their some private domain and mind it they are awesome!

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