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Four Android Smartphone Apps that Every Blogger Should Have

As technology moves even further, it manages to provide more and more features to the average user. Surfing online from a mobile device may have sounded like a dream 10 years ago, but it is the reality of the present that we are part of. There have been a lot of awesome discoveries and inventions that made our lives a lot easier than it was. But with so much evolution around, we also need someone to spread the word. The most effective way of raising awareness is by marketing content.


This can be done through blogs, forums or social media discussions. Nevertheless, mobile technology and connectivity have become a major part of our lives, and whenever we are on the move we feel the need to check our profiles, mail and so on. Here are a few apps, that you have probably already heard of, but which you should definitely be using, especially if you are a blogger. A blogger should not only offer hisblog posting services, but also remain in touch with his public nu matter where he is. Here are the four most frequently used plugins for mobile devices.

1. Facebook for Android

I have never been a fan of Facebook, but since I first downloaded the app I became addicted to this social media platform. In a way, I really cannot understand what is so fascinating about other people’s lives, feelings food and so on, but in the end they managed to take me to the dark side. It is true that Facebook for Androids has a few glitches (or at least it has behaved weirdly with me and my friends), but the sporadic crashes that might appear are not reason enough to stop you from using it.

2. HootSuite for Twitter

Having a Twitter account is great, but everybody nowadays seems to have one. If you are serious about blogging, you should probably consider joining Twitter. If you are already a member, you can link your profile to Twitter’s most beloved dashboard, HootSuite and better channel your social media efforts.

3. M Secure

Much like regular security plugins for WordPress, M secure will ensure that you and your friend’s conversation are not considered of problematic or abusive. Msecure provides users with much needed access to multiple social media accounts, and this means that it will help them create a larger select of social media marketing mediums without having to fear from code injections and so on. Moreover, what a marketer really wants is to advertise worthwhile products that will determine the potential shopper to make a search.

4. Pinterest

What can be more relaxing than doing nothing, and browsing amazingly inspired fashion photos from successful sites like Pinterest? This social bookmarking site has already become acknowledged by numerous specialists, and it is considered one of the most successful plugins yet, because it will keep an eye on images, topics, and articles that are relevant to your interests. 

Author Bio:

Andrew Dawkins is a social media guru in the making, with an extensive portfolio of successful campaigns under his belt, at the young age of 23. He recommends the services of the Guest Post Shop, for those who want to expand the reach of their online presence.


  1. That’s quite a good list but I’d like to add WordPress and Weebly. These two most famous blogging platforms have their own respective Android apps. They’ll make it a lot easier for you to blog through your smartphone.


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