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Four ways to instantly improve your YouTube channel

So, you’ve started off your very own gaming channel and reviewed a load of games, but sadly nobody is watching. Your content is great and the games you’re covering are recent and relevant – so what’s going wrong?

Competing for viewers on YouTube isn’t easy. If it was, everybody would be successful. By following our four tips below we’ll help you to improve your struggling YouTube channel.

  1. Make sure your channel looks professional

There may well be some quirk and charm in having a bare-bones, basic YouTube channel. Ashens, for example, has managed to turn reviewing so called ‘tat’ on his sofa – or what he calls really bad products – into a channel with over a million subscribers.

Sadly, gone are the days where you could quickly build a niche for yourself. Today, you need a channel that looks great from the initial click. This means great logo design, an awesome looking banner and a kick-ass introduction.

There are many fantastic YouTube channel art maker around, that use a wealth of resources to help build a fantastic thumbnail for your channel – take advantage. It’s not just about what your channel does, but how it looks!

  1. Take advantage of social media

It’s hard enough spending time on your videos – how are you going to find the time to manage Twitter also? Unfortunately, being an unknown channel, you need ways to drive traffic to your videos, otherwise there’s a good chance that nobody will find you – especially when the competition is so great for game-review channels.

This is where social media comes into play. By creating a profile for your channel, you can follow and engage with individuals who are interested in the topics you cover. Take a look at the pages of other gaming channels and follow them – that’s your audience. You then need to share posts that’ll engage them, while also using relevant hash-tags, to increase your follower count. Take a look at this social media guide for more information on how to develop your follower count.

  1. Create a blog for your channel

A blog can be great for your channel for many reasons; you can share content over different platforms and embed videos; articles are quicker to produce than videos, so you can provide your subscribers with content in between filming; and you can optimize articles to rank higher in search engines.

You could include industry updates, strategies for the most popular games and even behind the scenes content for your devoted fans. Subscribers love extra content, and so if you have it, you may as well share it!

  1. Collaborate!

There’s always been a sense of community with YouTube – that why’s it’s such a popular site. People have always done their best to help others out and grow it into a hub for amazing video content. That’s why if a bigger channel sees that a smaller channel is producing awesome content, they’ll often partner up to increase their attention.

One fine example of this is when Filthy Frank partnered up with iDubbbz – notorious for his Kickstarter Cr*p videos. In doing so he went from a channel with a few thousand subs, to almost 4.5 million in just a couple of years. So, if you see a gaming channel much more popular than yours, and you’re confident what you’re producing is great, reach out to them – they may just help you out.

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