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Free HTML5 FlipBook Maker: FlipHTML5

On October 14th, 2013 FlipHTML5 launched their new website. It is majorly accounted towards the free HTML5 page flip software. It converts the files into book turning copies which actually give the user an experience to use an online book like a traditional book. The final flip books are fully compatible with android and apple devices like iPhone and iPad. It is based on the HTML5 technology and jquery. Such a combination results in a faster and much more useful and compatible output. With no cost, a user can very easily create a HTML5 flipbook.


It helps in advertising as well as marketing of products online. If a firm wants to publish any information guide or any other E-Book then they can easily use this software and get a very attractive catalog or magazine. One can make any number of E-Books using this software but with the premium software only. In the free version there is a limit. One can easily download the free option from FlipHtml5 website

It has a full screen mode as well as zoom option. It provides links to various social media portals, a convenient navigation system, multiple upload option, specification for author’s rights, conversion to various PDF and Text formats, an option to display various templates, ability to change font and color, URL of various media portals like YouTube, a bookshelf view, mobile reading option, favorite list option and the list goes on.


It helps mainly to create interactive study material, attractive photographs, presentations, brochures, digital magazines and other online advertisements. It also has a Demo version. It helps to create content in a more appealing way.

FlipHTML5 FlipBook Maker Demo:

Now one can very easily edit a flip book with hundreds of editing option provided by FLIP HTML5. It is powerful yet very simple to use. A 3 step sequence is to be followed: Import PDF file, edit it using the options provided and then review. If satisfied with the output, user can export the book for various devices that can support HTML5. A preview dialogue box helps the user to review the Flip Book before exporting. The templates have built in function and background. It has basically three ways to flip the pages of a flip book and they are- dragging the page corner, using next and previous button option and moving through thumbnail.

It creates and also publishes a flip book in various ways like Zip file, HTML5, instant sharing on social media portals, sharing via Gmail and others. The company provides the users with various plans like pro, free, gold and standard. They vary in terms of features. Users can select and download or buy the plan according to their requirements. To get the best experience, a user can start with the free version and then upgrade to various other plans as and when he needs to. Since 2010, FlipHTML5 programs co. ltd. have been introducing cost effective tools and programs for customer use. This is another addition and it would definitely provide user the best experience.

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