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All About GBWhatsapp App for Android

Gone are the days when we used to rely on SMS while communicating with anyone. Whatsapp has become a rage among Android users (rather, any smartphone user) as it has so easily replaced SMS with an enjoyable way of messaging. With the passage of time, Whatsapp has gone through several important upgrades and now we can even experience video calling with the help of it. Our lives have definitely taken a turn for the better because of its presence in our lives, but once you are introduced to the blessing known as GBWhatsapp, you will probably still thank me! Why? Let’s find out!

The makers of GbWhatsapp have made certain tweaks to the original Whatsapp, important ones at that, which have made the app much more customized. While your privacy is in no way compromised, you get the power to control a lot many things which the original app doesn’t provide you with. Let’s have a look at some of the extra controls which you get once you use this:

  • You get to hide your Last seen and Blue ticks. While the original Whatsapp does allow you to hide the last seen, it does so at the price that you don’t get to see the same for the person on the other side. This problem is done away with here.
  • In an extension to the above customization, you can also customize the app in such a way that you will always be shown online, even when you are not in actuality.
  • Extra themes have also been included, along with a coloured bar for the change notification. There is also the facility of creating your own theme.
  • You can copy more than one message, without the timestamp getting copied along with the text. Also, you get to copy excerpts from messages without having to copy the entire message.
  • Sending large media files is also a possibility now. Video files larger than 16MB can also be sent. Also, the count of images to be sent together has been increased to 90 instead of 10 in the original app.
  • GBWhatsapp comes with an inbuilt app locker. Now, you don’t need a third-part app locker any more.
  • Your status can now be 255 characters long.
  • Broadcast messages to 600 people, instead of 256.
  • Get a preview of media files without having to download them.
  • Several other little customization options are also there.

Now that you are hooked, here’s how you can download and install this amazing app.

Download GBWhatsapp App. Go to Settings, and enable the Installation from Unknown Sources, if not enabled already. Open the apk and install it. Enter your mobile number. An OTP will be sent to your number, and will be auto-detected. That’s it! To get started with the customizations, go to Settings -> GB Mods.

The best thing about this app is that you can keep both the original Whatsapp app and this one together, without getting into any licensing issue. You can maintain two separate Whatsapp accounts with the help of this feature. The app is however only for Android users. The app is not available for iPhone and Windows phones.

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