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Globe Telecom Releases iPhone 4S Plans and Pricing – FREE on Plan 2499 For iPhone 4S 16GB

Earlier this month, we all heard the official statement from Globe Telecom they will be launching iPhone 4S as well and the online registration came out from their official iPhone 4S website. And recently, as per Abe of GLOBE Telecom have now released the official post-paid pricing plan of iPhone 4S after hosting their Apple iPhone 4S launching at Ayala Museum. Actually, Globe Telecom launched their iPhone 4S the same date as with SMART Communications but rather more discreet. Unfortunately, they only revealed the post-paid plans and here are they:

Globe Telecom iPhone 4S

Globe Telecom iPhone 4S 16GB Pricing Plan:

  • Plan 1799 (There’ll be a cash-out PhP 4,800.00)
  • Plan 2499 FREE
  •  Plan 3799 FREE

Globe Telecom iPhone 4S 32GB Pricing Plan:

  • Plan 1799 (There’ll be a cash-out  PhP 10,080.00)
  • Plan 2499 (There’ll be a cash-out  PhP 4,800.00)
  • Plan 3799 FREE

Globe Telecom iPhone 4S 64GB Pricing Plan:

  • Plan 1799 (There’ll be a cash-out Php 15,096.00)
  • Plan 2499 (There’ll be a cash-out  Php 10,080.00)
  •  Plan 3799 (There’ll be a cash-out Php 4,800.00)

*** All includes Unlimited Mobile Internet .

Here are the other small details you may wanted to know about the plans:


  • PhP 800.00 consumable on Plan 1799
  • PhP 1,500.00 consumable on Plan 2499
  • PhP 2,800.00 consumable on Plan 3799


  • Plan 1799 you can choose 3 Freebies
  • Plan 2499 you can choose 5 Freebies
  • Plan 3799 you can choose 7 Freebies

Now, don’t you worry Globe also offers iPhone 4S prices for pre-paid consumers.

Globe iPhone 4S Pre-paid Prices

  • iPhone 4S 16GB – PhP 37,599.00
  • iPhone 4S 32GB – PhP 43,399.00
  • iPhone 4S 64GB – PhP 49,199.00

Although, these prices are not yet available on Globe Telecom’s official website and even on their available gadgets MySuperPlan website.

Nevertheless, even with these prices revealed by Globe Telecom and if you compare it with the post-paid and pre-paid plans of SMART Communications – you’ll notice the big difference and I mean really big.  I am not saying that it will be SMART who’ll surely reign this iPhone 4S battle between these competing carriers but if you look into the prices and plans it does look like that SMART will own the crown now for selling Apple iPhone handsets.  But it’s too early to predict, it’s really up to their marketing strategies and more freebies maybe for their end-consumers.

Well, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to settle with SMART or Globe when ever you want to purchase or get your own iPhone 4S plans.

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