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Grab Online Bargains at Zalora using PiCodi

Shopping via Internet, or what we call e-Commerce in common tongue has become a widespread trend nowadays. If you don’t know about online shopping in 2016, you are living under the rock.

The brick and mortar shopkeepers, mall owners, fashion outlets, everyone have joined the bandwagon and selling their products online on various eCommerce platforms.

One question that many people who are skeptical about online shopping is the power of bargaining. If you walk into an offline store, you have the power to bargain and decrease the bill amount by some percent. How can one bargain online?

Well, you no more need to indulge in quarrels, fights and bargains like you normally would, because services like coupon codes and cash backs have become widely popular.

Let’s say you are shopping for clothing line on Zalora website and that shiny new dress caught your eyes, but costs way above your budget, you can use Zalora coupon codes to avail 15%, 20%, 18%, 60% or even more depending on the offers running at that moment.



Using such services while shopping online can save you more than 20% every time you make a purchase. That increases your monthly savings, which you can utilise in buying that great pair of shoes you always desired.


Picodi is one such coupon code service as we mentioned earlier which offers either discount coupons or cashback coupons.


Some positives about Picodi:

– Clean user interface to understand it at first visit.

– 99% of coupons and deals work positively unlike many other services who fake the deals.

– More than 20 countries supported.

– More than 100 brand partners.

– More merchants supported for deals than any other service out there.


A brand or online seller sets these deals and coupon codes for a particular period of time. So if you are late in availing the codes, you may lose out on offers. Therefore, it is necessary that you use the right coupon codes at right time or you may get error during checkout page.

Picodi tackles this effectively by updating coupon codes and deals from time to time. The website is such designed that for each deal or coupon code, there is a time mentioned as to when the code will expire.

Picodi is not just limited to big brands like Zalora, you can also find many other eCommerce websites like Dominos, Airlines, Travel sites, eBay, Microsoft store etc.

If you are not from Philippines, there are other countries from where you can avail these coupon codes and deals are:


  • India
  • Poland
  • Greece
  • Czech Republic
  • Singapore
  • Mexico
  • Ukraine
  • and much more


If you are like us, who is an online shopping addict, you can do yourself a favour by saving those hard earned money with amazing discounts using coupon codes and deals services.


If you have any questions about online shopping deals, discounts and coupon codes, do let us know in the comment section below and we will try our best to answer them.

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