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HID cards can be a boon to your business

Corporate ID badges are not a new phenomenon. Many companies, large and small, have long been requiring their employees and authorized personnel to use ID badges to gain entry into the building. However, there is a relatively new type of ID card that offers a much-increased level of security for businesses: The HID card.

HID cards can be a boon to your business

HID cards are useful for business owners to keep their offices, staff and intellectual property safe by being able to ensure that only those with HID cards can gain access too, and move throughout, the office. These are commonly used in industries where security and discretion is of particular importance, such as government agencies, the military, tech companies, law offices and laboratories.

On the surface, HID cards look much the same as any other identification badge. However, they are different from standard ID badges in that they contain an embedded chip that stores identifying information that is unique to the bearer of the card, such as their name and security clearance level. That information is used to control the type of access each person has to various areas of the building and to track their movement in and out of the building. Managers can use HID cards to control access to sensitive information, ensuring that only those employees with the proper clearance can gain access.

To provide staff members with an HID card, you’ll need to set up a special card system. This involves not only setting up the HID cards with the proper information for each employee, but also setting up the card readers. Strategic placement of these readers is absolutely imperative. Place them in areas that will restrict the flow of traffic to those areas that contain sensitive information or anywhere to which you want to control access. In order to gain access to those areas, your employees would then have to swipe their cards over the reader and access would be electronically granted (or denied).

By far the best reason to use HID cards and readers is that they are an easy way to control access and movement throughout your office space. As your business’ needs change, you can modify clearance levels. For example, should you require one employee to work with members of another department, you can easily electronically change their security permissions to allow that employee temporary access to areas that were previously restricted to them.

Another way that HID cards offer a high level of security to business owners is that they can be immediately and easily deactivated when necessary. For example, should the cards be lost or an employee let go, the cards can be deactivated so that no unauthorized parties can gain access to the building, even if he is carrying an ID badge. This is an improvement over traditional ID badges, which would afford the bearer access to the building just by being able to present the card for visual inspection.

If you are a business owner and would like to increase the security of your business, an HID card system can be a great option.

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