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Few Hidden Features of Google Chrome

Google Chrome offers tons of features.It has been a good growing browser that continuously developing in the browser market share since 2008. It is user friendly and Chrome‘s impressive features, such as Paste and Go or Paste and Search,Drag and Drop Downloads, Task Manager, Organize Thumbnails Using Full Screen Key and bookmark synchronization, already deserve it a better app. Its user friendly app. Its easiness and uncomplicated, yet uncompromising features interface caused many users to get rid of their old browser and prefer the Google chrome.


Chrome has many hidden or unknown features which could emphasize the degreeofuser’s browsing metrics. Lets we try to describe those features.

Some Features might be already known by you. But after reading the article completely you are sure to hit the hidden feature of Chromethat makes you feel worth and working with it.

Paste and go/paste and search

Google Chrome has a helpful shortcut for search any content directly instead of copy URL from outside the browser and paste url in the address bar Cntrl+V  or  if you need to copy & paste a URL from different browser which you intend to visit that address in Chrome, or if you need to search text from any document. Yes you can just click and select paste and go option. It will search and give you what you need.

Pin Tab

We already know about Pin tab feature of Google Chrome before. Place the cursor on a tab and right click, choose “Pin tab” and the tab converts the website icon sticks permanently left side. Then you can click on tab and right click, choose “Unpin tab” to recover fevicon back.

Quick calculations

It’svery useful feature that Google Chrome’s address bar acts along as Google search bar too, but its amazed to know that it could be either used to perform simple mathematical calculations. . If you need answer to know 350 divided by 10, then just type in “350/10” in the address bar and wait for few seconds.  It will show you the result automatically.

Details on Memory

For some awkward peoples around the world, Google Chrome gives you the facility of checking Chrome’s Memory details. Justenter and type about: memory inthe url bar. Then you can access the detailed information about how your browser uses memory and its consumed memory size due to various running processes in the browser.

Get IPad view on Chrome

Really you don’t want to get the iPad to check how your most favourite sites can be viewed in the iPad. You can get the view just using your computer with the help of Chrome. By doing some modification on User Agent String, a user can easily switch over into the iPad interface and check over it.

Restore All Previous Tabs

Google chrome has another excellent feature that helps you restore recently opened and accessed pages before you exit the browser. This facility is very useful for a sudden in case of emergency or during your browser crash problem due to exceptional reason and you had many tabs in open before you end the browser. You can check out many articles in Google about “How to restore previous tabs in Chrome”.

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  1. Hello Pulkit,

    Great informative post about Google Chrome. I have been using Chrome for the last couple of years and it is my default browser in my pc at the moment. Your post will definitely increase its performance.

  2. Yeah all Google’s products are awesome with many features, but Google’s seed money came from the CIA that doesn’t feel people are entitled to privacy.
    i do not trust Google with my browsing data and my private informations along with my phone number to sign in to Google.
    that’s the only problem 🙂
    Facebook too:)
    Many thanks and Happy new year!


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