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Host your Website on Google Drive Easily

If you are having a google account you can do lots of things it helps you to easily access every site and information with a rapid speed. When a user having a Google account that will provide you with a full cloud communications named as Google Drive. The main facilities that is provided by the Google Drive is you can easily access your documents that are store in the clouds. It is also followed by the other advantages which are collaborating with your works and accessing the media more properly .You can also easily share all your posts, blogs, information and everything at a much faster rate. Many such drives are also available but they are a little bit messy from Google Drive.



More exciting feature named as Web hosting is launched by the Google Drive. In this web hosting you can easily store all your files that is not easily accessible to others. Moeover a user can keep its complete website in the programme. You can also built the whole HTML page by using Javascript and css files. Everything is free of cost in the drive you can create or store anything. This is the best way for the software developers, analyst and programmers they can easily give demonstrate to their clients through this.


But many of them says that this is not a complete answer for hosting a website. It is is usually used for purposes like very small live actions  either they may be invitations.  It may be sample presentations of a project also  infront of the board members over which a user has to work. So for bigger proposals this might not be work so the easiest way to drive your website on Google Drive are as follows.


You just can follow three stages that is Prepare, Put and Publish to Host your website on the Google Drive. Firstly you have to plan all your files that belongs to HTML. You can also plan all the other images, javascript and css files that are also related to the HTML document. Then store all the ways that must be related to the all the javascripts ,css and various image files. Then after keeping all your javascript files within the js folder, image files within image folder and css files within the styles folder. After that your relative way will seem a little bit different.


Secondly it follows another step. If the user have planned the website or webpages under  different named folders then you have to upload everything in the Google Drive account itself. A user  has to proceed further he/she can gain follow two separate process. It depends upon the user itself.


If you’ve installed Google Drive on your desktop then simply put the website/webpage folder in your Google Drive folder. In the first process you have to upload all the javascript, images and css folder and then visit into your own account itself. Again in the second process without pressing the create option on the left hand you can press the upload option. Third step will show the HTML pages that you have uploaded to you only not to others. Again to make it accessible to the entire web you can do some adjustment in the share permission settings. Just choose the various folder you have uploaded in the drive and then select the share option to show your friends.

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  1. Sounds like a bad idea to me. I wouldn’t do it. I pay for hosting because I can trust it. – Scott Craighead


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