How Does Evolution Of Gaming Tech Force People To Buy New Phones

Gone are the days where people still enjoyed playing Snake with Nokia 3210. A popular classic game back in the 90s where it all starts with a dot. But as time goes by, the evolution of gaming tech led people to spend more money on new smartphones. Some would even keep on changing phones from one brand into another until they are satisfied playing their favorite mobile games.

The gaming industry is rapidly growing and unstoppable. From time to time, a new game emerges among the rest and becomes viral in no time. Some of the few notable games were Temple Run, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush, Mobile Legends, Ragnarok – Eternal Love, PUBG Mobile, Pokemon Go, and many more. But as the game evolves, it demands more resources. Especially for mobile games.

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With the inevitable evolution of gaming tech, so as the unstoppable demand for better smartphones. That is what we would like to share with you. How does the evolution of gaming tech affect people in deciding which phone to buy?

Smoother Graphics

One of the biggest factors when buying a new phone nowadays is having the best graphic interface. People are now looking for top-performing gaming phones that give them the crispier graphics. The term screen refresh rate is a thing now when buying new phones.

A good example is the iPhone X which has a 60 Hz screen refresh rate OLED display with a touch read input screen of 120 Hz. This is why iPhone X is deemed to give smoother animation.

Now, we are sure you don’t want to play your favorite onscreen mobile game with a slow screen frame rate, right? Of course, you won’t settle with lagging movements when playing right?

More Storage

Whether it is internal or external mobile memory expansion, it does matter. Why? Simply because of new games, especially those heavy graphics and RPG (role-playing games) needs higher memory storage. Take Ragnarok M: Eternal Love MMORPG, it needs an estimate of 1.4GB, as of writing this, for its installation package alone. That is a big space for a mobile app alone.

Smartphone users, of course, does not only use their mobile devices for the game alone. Surely, they have tons of photos taken from their phone cameras, documents, videos, and others. These files demand extra space and that is why manufacturers consider memory storage as one factor when releasing new phones.

Battery The Can Last Long

Whoever wants to play a game and then get a battery-low warning in less than an hour, right? Especially, when you are in that moment getting close to winning, right? No way! That is why the battery is one of the features that people consider nowadays when looking for a gaming phone.

Most consumers now look for a long-lasting smartphone. A phone that won’t die easily before they can finish a game or task that they’re doing while using their phone.

Currently, a considerable best gaming smartphone that can do the job should sport closely to 4,000 mAh or higher battery specification. Getting a phone with the battery below this specs is still usable but we cannot assure that you will enjoy.

Sociable Games Needs Bigger Screen

Some people say, even experts, that with the evolution of gaming tech more and more people are staying away from the real-world. People who are always facing their mobile screens are often called anti-social. They lack interactions from the real-world with real people. They are stuck in their own world and virtual friends from the game.

This may not be entirely true because there are games that aim to get people closer. There are some games that we can consider calling social party games. Such games need to be played with a group – with your family or friends. And of course, it won’t be enjoyable if you play a group game with such a small display screen.

Another example is if you are playing Megareel. We are sure that it won’t be comfortable playing this online game with tiny screen display. This is why we have mobile tablets. The bigger the screen, the better for you all to see what’s in it.

Shareable Is A Thing Now

Can’t contain your happiness after winning a game? Or unlocking a difficult task or new level from the game? Then why not share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social app.

We did mention above that good animation or graphics is important now when getting a new phone. You don’t want to share your recorded game or even a screenshot of your scoreboard pixelated, right? Your friends will still be happy and cheer for you but they will still won’t ignore that itsy-bitsy square pixelated image or video you just shared.

But What We Really Wanted To Say Is…

We are not implying that you ditch now your phone and start hunting for the best gaming phone just to cope with the evolution of gaming tech. No, we are not suggesting you do that. of course. What we are saying is that the growth of gaming technology now demands smartphone with higher specs. This is reality and inevitable.

Our smartphone is one of those things that we can’t compare with diamonds – they are not meant to stay forever. What we thought is the best smartphone today may not be the same case after a month, a year, or even tomorrow. Game developers will keep on improving their apps and phone manufacturers need to keep up with these changes.

Do you see the big picture here?

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