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How Radio Technology Revolution is leading people’s life

Now today we are posting about the newest technology, that is the radio technology revolution which has a vast technology base in the internet world. We have listed away a lot of technology details for this newest revolution on the radio.


Radio sometimes strikes up the image of your granny telling you about the ‘wireless’ technique.

And Whilst the radio seems like an out-dated format, there is a secret underground revolution that you might be missing out on. Digital is the word on everyone’s lips, well most people’s lips. Two thirds of people are still listening to analogue, since the introduction of television radio has been shunted to the side-lines of the car radio. Soon the nation will be fully digital but at the moment it’s taking longer than experts once thought but the switchover is thought to be imminent. 42% of Britons own DAB radio’s in their home, so this means that people have the technology but are unwilling or uninformed on how to use it.


Why you should be listening to Radio Technology?

DAB radio offers you an unlimited amount of stations and internet radio offer you even more than that. Stations like BBC6 Music have led the way in introducing consumers into the digital revolution, with its near closure in 2012 it managed to double its audience figures to one million with it was threatened with the axe. The campaign to save BBC6 Music included protests from listeners and pleas from its hosts to save the station; it also increased the popularity of the station and forced a surge in the purchase of DAB radios.

DAB radio offers its audience choice and variety in a FM world which is still mainly aimed at adult audiences or pandering to younger audiences. Diverse stations such as Asian Network provide a much needed niche for minority listeners who might feel marginalised by a typical FM station. You can pick up a DAB radio for next to nothing nowadays comparatively to a few years ago, making it more accessible than before. The digital revolution is here and it’s not just for young people. Radio 2, a notoriously old school station, has had a spike in listeners figure since becoming digital.

Digital radio is the future, its high quality audio and diversity has set it apart from traditional radio and stations that have switched over have found themselves reaching a wider audience then they did before. DAB radios are also coming on in leaps and bounds in terms of tech, it easy to plug your smart phone into one to play music through, which is something that has been lacking in traditional FM radio. With the internet capability it seems that DAB radio’s potential is endless. Join the revolution.

And here we conclude about this great technology, one should be aware of. We have listed everything on it, hope you’ve liked it.
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