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How Technology is Changing the Publishing Industry

‘The Pen is mightier than a sword’- this is a famous saying that has inspired many publishers over the period of time. It is in fact true in a lot of sense. Over the period of segmented history, we have seen many instances where in various published material have taken the individualistic mentality of the society for a toss. There is no doubt of the fact that the Publishing media industry is no more the same, but there is also no denying the fact that the industry has probably moved on for good. The publishing and media industry that we see today is nothing as compared to what it used to be let us say even a decade ago.


About Paper and Printing Industry:

There is no doubt of the fact that back in the days when the paper publishing and printing industry was on its boom, it was the only way in which you could actually reach out to the world. To be true, the literature that we know of has actually thrived on the publishing and printing media back then. But is the situation same now? Well, the answer would be no and at the same time I would certainly like to point out the fact that there are many publishing houses now, that have accepted the change, the changing factor, Internet, and are working greatly under the influence. is one such website that is profusely working around the internet, using the digital content and transforming the dreams of aspiring authors into their books.

The publishing media that we have today is certainly and greatly dependent on the Internet. The primary reason behind this dependency is the fact that Internet is the only medium using which you can reach out to millions of individuals instantly. This is something that was not there back in the day. It probably took your years to know that a classic novel has been written down by an author in England. Getting a hand on it and reading it was a different story. But with the internet and the modern day ecommerce websites coming ups, the publishing and media industry has found a new hope.

There is no denying the fact that things have changed. There was a time, when people started think that paper printing was gone for good. But believe me, it is not. In fact websites like are actually working out great. But the friction still continues. Let us take a look at the prime factor contributing to the friction.

Well, as we all know there is one thing called demand and another thing called supply! In order to maintain the balance, the Demand and supply change should be in sync with one another. The thing had started to change with the advent of technology. Back in the days, the printing publications were considered to be the major players in the publishing and media industry. While digital content was slowly on the rise, it was still for the wealthy people.

This can be considered on the same page as what happened with television and telephones back in the day. With time, they also drew themselves into the market and now we all know what a TV is and how important a mobile phone is. But the postal system is still going strong.

The same is the case with printing industry. For example a website that like, allows aspiring authors from all over India to come up to them and work hard to get their books published. The website using the power of internet has turned up to many aspiring writers and authors and given them the ray of hope that they need. This is not that easy as it may sound. To be true, the transition is a difficult one.

This isn’t just the reason. One of the major contributors to the change in the publishing and media industry is the change in the requirement. The modern generation is not someone who has a hell load of time to sit down and read a lengthy novel while sipping tea in his or her garden. Things have change. Life is fast. And thus the content that you set through to your readers will play a major role in determining that whether they will accept it or not. For a publishing hose like notionpress, it thus becomes very important guide the aspiring authors in the right direction with regards to content.

Role of Media:

The media needs to know its readers. They need to know who will read a 2000 word lengthy article that explains everything in detail and who will read short, crisp and informative content. Now knowing the readers have had a bad impact on various publishing houses in the past. Believe me as a reader, I am willing to read long content only if they provide me full details about thing I would want to know. On the other hand, I also would love to have a few sneak peek of all the important things that has been happening all around the world. This is where things get really tricky. Again this is where is coming to the aid.

Now, when a lot has been said about what notion press is doing, let me actually tell you how? Notionpress helps you out with everything. The packaging of the published material, the editing, the design of the book, creating e-books and pdfs for the modern day younger generation, along with this they also handle the marketing, distribution of any book. If this was not good to you, then you must also know about the right amount of royalty that they pay to the authors.

This is what has changed. In the past, things where not this easy, in fact they were way more difficult than you can imagine. Of all the mentioned features, back in the day, the author had to be a part of them as well. in collaboration with internet has literally taken all the pain away from the authors, so that they can focus more on good work. To be true, there is no denying the fact that paper printing and media industry is not what it used to be, but it is publishing houses like, which have embraced the technology and are still getting on with the parade.

Let is read through a few words that has been spoken by the authors for whom opened new gates. P.B. Kolleri says “I highly recommend Notion Press for their extremely high quality publishing services which are at par with international standards. Notion Press is the only publishing house in India that provides an author with the best of both worlds, namely, the professional guidance of a traditional publishing house coupled with the complete freedom of self publishing.” Pankhuri Agarwal, author of Karmaa Kitchen says, “Karmaa Kitchen was a dream I had worked on for over two and a half years; but with my product ready in hand I realised what I thought I knew about publishing books was redundant. That’s when a friend suggested Notion Press. When I was guided on what’s good for my book – they didn’t do just their “job” – they actually took an active interest in my book. In fact turning this book into an app was their brainchild.”

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