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How to Convert a PowerPoint Presentation into a Video

A presentation constitutes a vital part of any business meeting and it’s an amazing tool to explain the objectives of a business and discussing upon the strategies in order to achieve them. A video interface is rather more interesting for the audience to view, instead of flat old text-based presentations. Thus, a PowerPoint presentation can be easily converted into a video and presented or distributed/syndicated on the web.


The presentation can be saved to a windows media video format straight-forward and distributed without any hassle. However, most of the users tend to not prefer WMV format, due to compatibility and quality issues.  Therefore, the third party tools play an important part here by converting the file into various other formats based on user’s ease.

There is some useful info that can be followed while the user plans to convert the presentation into a video:


·        Voice narration and pointer movements can be easily recorded to a video file.

·        The size of the video and its quality can be monitored and changed according to user’s utility.

·        The inclusion of animations and transition is another addition that brings an extra edge to the presentation.

·        The best part about conversion of presentation into video is that the viewers are not required to have the version of PowerPoint installed, in order to view them.

·        The time taken for the conversion of presentation into a video depends mainly on the size of the presentation. You can view the sides and have a look at the video, while the conversion is progressing.



How to save your presentation as a video:


1.     The first step in this process requires the user to create a presentation.

2.     After designing the presentation, you need save changes to it.

3.     After this step, you need to click on the file menu, wherein you have to click on the option “save and send”.

4.     In the save and send tab, the user needs to click on “create video”.

5.     After clicking on “create a video”, you are required to name the video that has been created from the presentation. After naming the video, user has to save the changes. The conversion ratio of the video, can be monitored by the info given on the toolbar at the lower end of screen. It might take a couple of hours, not to forget, the time taken to create the video soley depends on the size of the presentation. Some videos might take the whole night to get converted. therefore it can be a lengthy process.

6.     After the video is rendered, you can browse to the destination folder, where you have exported the video to, and click on it to start playing.


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  1. Thanks for the tutorial. I was looking for a way to convert my presentations into videos and didn’t know it could be so easy. Thanks a lot!


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