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How to extract contacts from iPhone’s backup?

Then your search ends here, as we bring you the best client available in the market currently to get all the important information from your iPhone‘s backup files.

A lot of iPhone users store their important contact information on their phone itself, so that they can easily get in touch with their loved one’s, colleagues, friends and family easily without searching for some old school address books or even without learning the phone numbers of all these people and then typing it out. And moreover, it is again quite easy and convenient to store data such as contact information on an iPhone and to access it later on.

But there is one big issue of storing all your important information in your iPhone. There are several risks of the data stored in your iPhone being deleted. For instance, if your iPhone gets stolen, you gets into an issue while upgrading or even in case of a virus attack, there are risks of the data stored in your iPhone being deleted either forcefully or automatically.

Mobikin Doctor for iOS

Therefore it is indeed quite important to backup all the important information from your iPhone, such as contact information, messages and other confidential data without staying out at the risk of losing them at random. The most common way to backup your iPhone is to connect it to a PC or Mac, and then let iTunes backup all the information from your iPhone, either in your PC itself or in the iCloud service by Apple. However, this is still not a very recommended way of backing up the data from your iPhone, as in case your iPhone gets damaged beyond repair or gets stolen, there are simply no ways to get a preview on the backed up content from iTunes. And in such a case, comes the use of services such as the MobiKin Doctor for iOS. MobiKin is a very simple, functional and quite easily usable service that has clients for both Windows and Mac operating systems and will let you retrieve needed information from a certain specific backup of your iPhone, or else collectively from all the backup files of your iPhone that are stored in your PC.

The MobiKin Doctor clients helps you get back details such as contact information, messages, photos and even other information like call logs, voice memos and browser bookmarks from the backup file of your iPhone easily and displays you the retrieved information in a HTML file format, so as it gets even easier for you to get back important information without much hassles. This client helps you recover data of all the latest iPhone models including the iPhone 5/5s/5c/6 and the iPhone 6 Plus respectively. The retrieved information from your iPhone’s backup can be edited and printed out as well.

And if you are in search of the best way to extract iphone contacts from backup files, then there is no other better client available, than the MobiKin Doctor for iOS.

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  1. i think when we backup our iPhone its already show that which things you need to be backup so we can exclude or induce apps or products in backup task. but if we doing with this tool its really amazing and user friendly too. thanks for the information


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