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How to get the most money for an old iPhone?

Be it flamboyance or the desire to use the latest technology, people always try to get hold on the latest iPhone’s as soon as they are launched in the mobile market. As soon as the news sparks about a new iPhone, the first question comes to an iphone user is where to sell my iphone so that I can use the latest one. If the user isn’t afraid to bear a hole in their pocket, they can surely pile up all the old gadgets and buy new Smartphones. But on a positive side, if a person gets few extra bucks by selling off old phones what is the problem in that?


The resale market is a bit grim for the sellers but there are a few retailers online that accept old iPhone’s at reasonable rates. There are a few options listed below-

  1. Amazon:

The trade-in program of guarantees the best deals for the user’s iPhone. The user has to provide a few details about the device so as to get the best price for their device. He can also sell the iPhone as an individual seller. For that he has to set up an account on Amazon. Then he can choose the device he wants to sell and set an expected price range.

  1. CraigsList:

Though famous for spam mails, sellers get a good deal for their iphones as high as $800 for a 5S.

  1. BuyMyTronics:

Using this for resale purpose isn’t rocket science. Just select your iPhone from the given list of phones, get an expected price range and then easily get cash back. It even buys a broken iPhone, though just for $1.

  1. AtteroBay:

It is a site where the users can sell not only iPhone’s but various other Smartphone and even laptops

  1. Junglee:

One can sell their iPhone at very easily and buy a new one at the same time. It offers second hand, new phones and other gadgets as well.

  1. Gamestop or Gazelle:

They buy old iPhone’s from various customers when they ship their product to their stores after inspection. Though it is a negative point that they do not buy anything lower that iPhone 4, but a plus point is the user gets the same amount for a broken iPhone as a normal iPhone sold there.

  1. Ebay:

Though there isn’t any instant selling option but when a deal is cracked, users get a good price for an iPhone if it’s in a good condition. Though the process can be quite lengthy at some point of time, but the deals offered are worth it. You can always look for ways to save money selling old gadgets

If the user has the original accessories of the iPhone then he is surely going to earn a few extra notes. It is advisable to get the phone serviced before selling to avoid unnecessary problems later. The condition of the phone is the major factor determining the price expected. The attitude of the seller, knowledge about the online technical market and also confidence helps the seller to get the best deals for their old iPhone’s.


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