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How to Improve Your Local Page Ranking

As the owner of a local business, you know that the success of your company depends on both online and offline marketing. Running commercials on television or the radio, placing signs on the street and running ads in the paper may help, but you also want to reach those shoppers who use their smartphones or tablets to find local companies. Using local services is a great way to improve your local page ranking and reach potential shoppers in your community, but there are some other methods you can use too.

Choose Your Keywords

Local SEO services refer to the services that a professional offers you in regards to improving the search engine optimization of your page. Google constantly changes the algorithm that determines where a site ranks in a search, but professionals can help you adjust your site to keep up with those changes. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you want to choose keywords that actually relate to your business. Landscapers might use different types of grass and flowers as keywords, while a retail shop would use terms relating to the products sold.

How to Improve Your Local Page Ranking

Create a Google Local Page

When you do a simple online search, Google will show you the results based on your keywords. The site will also show you local companies that relate to those terms. Creating a local page on Google can help improve your page ranking almost overnight. Your page must include the hours and days that your business is open, the exact address or location of your company and any other pertinent information that customers need. Google will even let you add a map that gives customers simple and easy to follow directions to your business.

Post Reviews

Some business owners are so afraid of negative publicity that they refuse to post reviews online. Google now lets shoppers and customers post their reviews. When an individual searches for a company, they can view the average star rating of that company and all the reviews posted by others. Letting your customers post reviews is one of the best ways to increase your page ranking and increase your online presence too. Even if you have a local page on Google, you’ll want to give customers the option of writing and posting reviews on your main website too.

Get Your Name Out There

In the old days, SEO experts used a process called backlinking to help websites. This involved exchanging links between websites and encouraging other sites to post a link to a company’s main page. You can do the same thing today with social networking sites like Yelp, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The more sites you have online, the more your name will appear on the web. You can even use the same or similar keywords on each site to increase the chances of customers finding you based on their search terms. Getting your name out there and using some other methods can quickly improve your local page ranking.


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  2. If I am not mistaken, Google has recently changed the ranking system. It does not rank pages anymore and also it does not target the keywords as it used to earlier. I might be mistaking, but this is what my knowledge has to offer.

  3. Keeping up with local keyword searches, which means know what your competitors are doing is very important too. Google loves long tail keywords, therefore, you should be careful how you use them in the content…


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