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How To Keep Dirt, Dust And Grime Away From Your Brand New PS4

After working countless hours at your day job, you’ve finally been able to bring home a brand new Playstation 4.Endless hours of gaming await you, but before you turn on the console and prepare yourself for an epic gaming marathon – have you taken the necessary precautions? Your console and controllers may be powerful but they’re also vulnerable to dirt, grime and excess moisture that could cause damage over the long haul. Even the geeks over at Reddit recently started a debate about how their much-loved PS4 could attract so much dust and debris.



If you’re a serious gamer, you’ll want to invest in protection for your device that looks cool and reflects your personal style. Which is why you should consider high quality vinyl Playstation skins, which are produced and sold by a number of online retailers. But before plunking down your credit card, consider what kind of protection is the best for your video game system. Some skin stickers can leave behind unsightly residue, which is impossible to clean. The best ones are crafted from high quality 3M vinyl which are incredible easy to remove, wipe down and replace – leaving no trace of icky residue or goo behind. Thanks to its fan belt system, the PS4 is a dust magnet but that is not the only problem. The intense, emotional nature of gaming also results in sweaty hands that can leave a lot of excess moisture on your controllers and console. If you don’t want to see your system become discoloured and grimy because you play too hard, a set of vinyl skins can act as a protective barrier against all the elements during any gaming session.


If you’re already sold on a console skin, don’t forget about investing in protection for your controllers as well. Any gamer knows how much abuse a controller receives, especially if you’re frustrated about the progress you’re making in a difficult level. Go online to see which retailers sell high quality PS4 skins made from the official 3M vinyl. You’ll want to go with a brand that can fit your system to the millimeter, forming a barrier so that no excess dirt, dust or moisture can get inside. If you’re looking for suggestions, the online retailer dbrand offers controller and console skins in a variety of eye-catching designs. If the thought of covering your PS4 in faux wood paneling, matte black leather or silver titanium appeals to you, you should head to to check out their selection. They have a variety of styles that are also priced quite affordably.
Purchasing protection for your gaming system is a snap, but there are still some preliminary measures to consider before you slip on your new PS4 skins. Give your console and controllers a good initial wipe-down to make sure that you’ve removed any excess dust or grime. Make sure you don’t accidentally cover any vents or ducts that are essential to the functioning of your system. And lastly, invite a couple of buddies over, order a pizza and enjoy that marathon video game session you’ve been dreaming of. Not only will your console be a conversation piece, you’ll also be able to play hard, knowing full well that your system is well protected.

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