How To Keep Your smartphone Safe From Hackers and Viruses

Android is one of the most popular platforms that people pick when it comes to smartphones. The interface is simple, most of the apps are free and an android device is compatible with most applications that are needed for work as well as leisure. Android however is considered to be an open platform which means anyone can essentially add their apps to the store.

While this enables people to get some of the best applications to download, it also increases the risk of virus and malware attacks on the phone. If you’re really careful about not using your computer without installing an antivirus on it, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be just as careful with your smartphone.


Software Update

When you purchase a new smartphone, it will usually not be the latest version. There are a number of smartphones that release the latest Android version and software version of the phone after the phone is released in the market. The first thing that you need to do when you purchase a new smartphone is to update the Android version of your smartphone.

You will find this under the ‘About Phone’ section in Settings. This latest version will help to fix any bugs or problems that exist and your smartphone will feel faster because of this. Once the update is done, you will even see a status update confirming that the update has been completed.

Protecting And Restricting Downloads

When you get a new smartphone, you need to make sure that no one can just use your phone and download any kind of apps that you don’t need. This is especially true in case of parents where children download expensive apps and the parent’s credit card gets charged without their knowledge. In order to ensure that this does not happen to you, you need to go to ‘User Control’ under Settings and then click on ‘Parental Controls’. You will be asked to enter a unique PIN and needless to say this PIN should be kept away from your children.

Don’t Install Unknown Apps

Always check the kind of apps you download and make sure that they are all only from the Google app store. If you’re not too sure how you can do this then here are the steps.

First, go to settings and then security and check the device administrator, find unknown sources and uncheck the box.

While it’s best to never share your handset with anyone, in case you have to always have a prompt password for the installation of new apps. This will prevent them from installing any apps on your phone without your knowledge.

Install AVG Antivirus

While there are a number of antivirus devices that are available in the market, we recommend you select AVG antivirus because if the features that it offers. When you search for Google Play antivirus in the play store, AVG antivirus will be amongst the ones listed at the top. This tells you that there are millions of users that trust it worldwide Once you locate the AVG antivirus on the Google play store, you just need to touch install and you can follow all the instructions on the screen in order to install the app.

When you install AVG antivirus on your Android device, you will have the peace of mind knowing that it runs in the background all the time.  This means that if you access a website or download a file that contains a virus or a malware, AVG antivirus will eliminate the threat immediately and you will not face any problems with your device. If you’re looking for the best free antivirus app you can download on your android smartphone you need to check out AVG today.

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