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How To Make An Invisible Folder In Windows

Not everyone uses a computer that they have all to themselves as many people share computers to do work. Therefore it becomes more like a necessity for them to know the steps to create an invisible folder. Everyone has certain documents and files they like to keep hidden and an invisible folder is the key to do it. Creating an invisible folder in windows has a particular procedure and anyone who wishes to create one must follow the steps. An invisible folder is really a helpful way to keep personal documents hidden from the other people using the desktop or a laptop. Now let us move ahead and jot down the entire process of creating an invisible folder in windows step by step.

How To Make An Invisible Folder

  • The very first step would be to land the cursor on the desktop screen of the computer or a laptop. Then the user will have to create a new folder using the right click of the mouse. The user simply has to right click in an empty space on desktop and then select the new and then folder option from the pop up menu.
  • The next step would be to not give a name to the new folder. In order to accomplish that try typing numerals 255 by holding ALT key continuously without fail. Release the ALT key after inserting the numbers.
  • After completing the second step the user must place the cursor on new folder and press the right click button. Then he must click on the option ‘properties’.
  • The fourth step will be to click on customize option and once that is done select the ‘change icon’ option. Then the user must scroll through the available options displayed before him until he finds an empty space or the one with no photo or logo.
  • Double click on that particular place to select it and this will conclude in the user having an invisible folder that has no name or a visible icon. The user can place the invisible folder wherever he wants and he will be the only person who will know of its whereabouts.

The process of creating an invisible folder is indeed a simple one and will definitely show fruitful results if done correctly. The process is almost the same for every version of Windows operating system say Windows XP or Windows Vista or be it Windows 7. The person willing to make an invisible folder need not be proficient at computers. It does not really matter if he only knows a tad about computers as the whole process is simple enough to be done by anyone and everyone. A combination of simple tricks can help you make a folder that only you can view and finally you can keep your personal stuff under covers.

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