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How to post photos on your computer directly to Instagram

Without any doubts, Instagram is a widely used social networking service, which allow the users to click their pictures and record videos as well as share them on social networking platforms right away. But sadly, Instagram has a limitation that the users can’t share their videos and pictures directly from the computer or Mac, but only from iPhone. Obviously, it is by its design itself, but it is because Instagram is significantly different from Flickr in terms of its spontaneity. And this is the major disadvantage because it often annoys the users, when they wanted to give a polished shot to Instagram.

post photos on your computer directly to Instagram

Everything is quite complicated because users can’t post their photos from Mac directly on Instagram, but now with younity App it is very easy to post pictures saved on the computer using iPhone or iPad. younity is a service by Entangled Media, which is available for the iPhone users for accessing all the files and folders stored on a PC without syncing through a personal cloud. This app supports the service of publishing the files saved on Mac or PC to Instagram. The developers are constantly and consistently releasing the updates for younity App with more features, including the replacement of the time-consuming process for getting the picture on mobile before publishing.

Post Photos Stored on Your Computer Directly to Instagram

Since the last update to younity App replaces the time consuming process of getting the photos on mobile before publishing on Instagram, it has been made very easy for the users to use the app without posing any difficulties.

  • Download and install the younity App on your computer and iPhone.
  • Once, after the successful installation on the computer, it will scan the disk and make them available for the users to share them easily.
  • Open the younity App on your iPhone and navigate to the paired Mac or PC for selecting the Photos.
  • Find and Select the appropriate folder, where your Photos are stored and which the users want to post on Instagram.
  • You will get to see a Share button on the right bottom corner of your display, Tap it.
  • On the next screen, it will display the icon of Instagram, Select it.

Please Note: Using the Share Button, users can easily send photos through email, text or a message and can even post to other social networking accounts, Twitter or Facebook or Pinterest.

Using younity App makes it easy for users to access all the files and folders stored on the PC or Mac. Also, it allows to publish them to Instagram with just one click. It just asks for the resize of the image, and once it’s done, it directly pushes the image to publish, further allowing the users for adding comments or applying the filters.


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