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How to Protect Your Organization from Office 365 Phishing Email Attacks?

The technology revolution took the world by a storm in the twentieth century. By twenty-first century organizations and businesses had not only embraced it and incorporated technology as an integral element of their operations and strategy but also became heavily dependent on it. Today no business function can be run without using the assistance of technology in one form or the other. One of the most significant ways in which technology has helped organizations is by facilitating and enhancing communication across all stakeholders and improving data collection and data management. However, with all the ease and breeze that the tech storm brought, the security risks became a significant concern.

how to protect your organization from office 365 phishing email attacks
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Although it is true that cybersecurity protocols have now become much stricter and smarter over the years, however so have the cyber attackers. Technology overall evolves at a rapid rate, which means every time a new software or security upgrade comes up, cyber attackers also find out more unique ways to sneak into confidential cyberspaces. One of the most sought after the enterprise software of the day is Office 365.

This revolutionary product by Microsoft is a variant of their famous MS Office that facilitates and enhances communication, collaboration, and data sharing within the organization with it are on E-mail system. However, the fact that organizations rely on this software to process and share critical data and confidential information make it vulnerable to cyber attackers. Despite layers of security protocols laid out phishing attacks via E-mail remains one of the most popular methods amongst the cyber attackers since it is very tricky to detect an Office 365 phishing email.

The phishing emails on Office 365 email system are nothing like the ones you get on your regular emails. They sound much more legit as they can even be using email addresses from your company’s departments and employees might be fooled into opening the links.   However, with some smart planning and techniques

Third Party Anti Phishing Software

Although Office 365 Phishing Protection system is already in place, it still has enough loopholes for cyber attackers to take advantage of. They have developed phishing techniques under which they use legitimate links and email addresses that do not look dubious and fool the employees into opening a relationship that they are not supposed to begin. A slight blunder can easily result in a massive data breach for your organization. In such circumstances, it will be a good idea to buy Office 365 anti-phishing solutions from third-party service providers. These third party software are specially designed to fill the shortfall where Office 365 security settings fail.


Additional Email Encryption

Although Office 365 does offer E0mail encryption, however, the feature has a limited utility since the email gets encrypted only when it reaches the server. This means that your data is not protected while it is in the process of transmission. Additional email encryption that covers the point to point process will ensure that your message is protected at all times without being vulnerable to any external threats.

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